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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
15-Oct-2019Advanced applied deep learning : convolutional neural networks and object detectionMichelucci, Umberto
3-Sep-2019The environmental impact of hospitalsKeller, Regula; Stucki, Matthias; Muir, Karen
3-Sep-2019Life cycle assessment of peat substitutes : characteristics, availability, environmental sustainability and social impactsStucki, Matthias; Wettstein, Sarah; Amrein, Simon; Mathis, Alex
Sep-2019The measurement of privacy at work : development and evaluation of the privacy at work inventory (PAW V.1)Weber, Clara; Gatersleben, Birgitta; Uzzell, David
Sep-2019The same environment but different privacy experiences : exploring the impact of contextual factors on privacy fit in an ABW officeWeber, Clara; Gatersleben, Birgitta; Uzzell, David
21-Aug-2019Ohmic heating - a novel approach for gluten-free bread bakingBender, Denisse; Gratz, Maximilian; Vogt, Silvan; Fauster, Thomas; Wicki, Beata, et al
20-Aug-2019The importance of genome sequence quality to microbial comparative genomicsSmits, Theo H.M.
13-Aug-2019Preparation of highly active phosphated TiO2 catalysts via continuous sol–gel synthesis in a microreactorMartin, Oliver; Bolzli, Nicole; Puértolas, Begoña; Pérez-Ramírez, Javier; Riedlberger, Peter
7-Aug-2019Klimaerwärmung: Verwirrung mit JahreszahlenRohrer, Jürg
Aug-2019Extensive Bekämpfung des Adlerfarns an einem voralpinen TrockenstandortFrei, Eva Silvia; Widmer, Stefan; Babbi, Manuel; Krüsi, Bertil
Aug-2019Referenzkatalog der ICT Services im Gesundheitswesen sorgt für mehr TransparenzGerber, Nicole; Stuber, Kurt; Baacke, Lars
16-Jul-2019Benchmarking plant diversity of Palaearctic grasslandsBiurrun, Idoia; Dengler, Jürgen; Pielech, R.; Steinbauer, M.J.; Marcenò, C., et al
16-Jul-2019Species‐area realationships in continuous vegetation : evidence from Palaearctic grasslandsDengler, Jürgen; Biurrun, Idoia; Matthews, Thomas J.; Steinbauer, Manuel J.; Wolfrum, Sebastian, et al
Jul-2019Dry grasslands of the central valleys of the Alps from a European perspective : the example of Ausserberg (Valais, Switzerland)Dengler, Jürgen; Widmer, Stefan; Staubli, Eline; Babbi, Manuel; Gehler, Jamyra, et al
Jul-2019Patterns and drivers of fine-scale beta-diversity in Palaearctic grasslandsDembicz, Iwona; Dengler, Jürgen; Biurrun, Idoia; Steinbauer, Manuel J.; Matthews, Thomas J., et al
Results 1-15 of 3340 (Search time: 0.008 seconds).