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Dec-2022Application of antimicrobial packaging based on modified calcium carbonate and EOs for RTE meat productsRüegg, Nadine; Teixeira, Stephanie Rosa; Beck, Barbara Maria; Monnard, Fabien Wilhelm; Menard, Rico, et al
Mar-2022Application of palladium-based oxygen scavenger to extend the mould free shelf life of bakery productsRüegg, Nadine; Röcker, Bettina; Yildirim, Selçuk
2022Porous coatings to control release rates of essential oils to generate an atmosphere with botanical activesHettmann, Kai; Monnard, Fabien W.; Melo Rodriguez, Gabriela; Hilty, Florentine M.; Yildirim, Selçuk, et al
1-Sep-2021Evaluation of the potential of modified calcium carbonate as a carrier for unsaturated fatty acids in oxygen scavenging applicationsRöcker, Bettina; Mäder, Gabriel; Monnard, Fabien Wilhelm; Jancikova, Magdalena; Welker, Matthias, et al
2021Sustainable antimicrobial packaging technologiesYildirim, Selçuk; Röcker, Bettina
23-Sep-2020Graphene derivatives in biopolymer-based composites for food packaging applicationsBarra, Ana; Santos, Jéssica D. C.; Silva, Mariana R. F.; Nunes, Cláudia; Ruiz-Hitzky, Eduardo, et al
18-Jan-2020Sustainable packaging : challenges and opportunitiesYildirim, Selçuk
2020Prevention of lipid oxidation in linseed oil using a palladium-based oxygen scavenging filmFaas, Nicole; Röcker, Bettina; Smrke, Samo; Yeretzian, Chahan; Yildirim, Selçuk
2020Evaluation of the potential of functionalised calcium carbonate as carrier for essential oils with regard to antimicrobial packaging applicationsRüegg, Nadine; Beck, Barbara Maria; Monnard, Fabien Wilhelm; Hilty, Florentine Marianne; Wicht, Aurore, et al
Nov-2019Development of an innovative oxygen scavenging label : a journey from the idea to the productYildirim, Selçuk
Jun-2019Optimization of the gas composition for an extended shelf life of fresh shiitake (Lentinula edodes) stored at room temperatureMiescher, Susanna; Yildirim, Selçuk
2019Food packaging trendsYildirim, Selçuk
2019Food packaging innovationsYildirim, Selçuk
2019Active packaging for food : opportunities, technologies and challengesYildirim, Selçuk
20-Aug-2018A concise guide to active agents for active food packagingVilela, Carla; Kurek, Mia; Hayouka, Zvi; Röcker, Bettina; Yildirim, Selçuk, et al
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