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26-Jan-2023Tracing the origin of Oriental beech stands across Western Europe and reporting hybridization with European beech : implications for assisted gene flowKurz, Mirjam; Kölz, Adrian; Gorges, Jonas; Carmona, Beatriz Pablo; Brang, Peter, et al
22-Jan-2023An oracle for the optimization of underconstrained compositions of neural networks : the tick hazard use caseGygax, Gregory; Ratnaweera, Nils; Tischhauser, Werner; Smits, Theo H. M.; Laube, Patrick, et al
Dec-2022Zusammenarbeit und wissenschaftlicher Austausch sind der Schlüssel zu erfolgreicher Forschung : der ZHAW Health Research Hub bringt’s unter einen HutGerber, Nicole; Fieseler, Lars; Hirsch, Sven; Neutsch, Lukas; Papadopoulou, Athina, et al
8-Nov-2022Comparative genomics to examine the endophytic potential of Pantoea agglomerans DAPP-PG 734Sulja, Arburon; Pothier, Joël F.; Blom, Jochen; Moretti, Chiaraluce; Buonaurio, Roberto, et al
2-Sep-2022Microbial diversity across compartments in an aquaponic system and its connection to the nitrogen cycleSchmautz, Zala; Walser, Jean-Claude; Espinal, Carlos A.; Gartmann, Florentina; Scott, Benjamin, et al
1-Jun-2022Differentiation of the Xanthomonas hortorum – Xanthomonas hydrangeae species complex using sensitive and selective LAMP assaysDia, Nay C.; Cottyn, Bart; Blom, Jochen; Smits, Theo H. M.; Pothier, Joël F.
3-May-2022Comparative genomics of Prunus-associated members of the Pseudomonas syringae species complex reveals traits supporting co-evolution and host adaptationRuinelli, Michela; Blom, Jochen; Smits, Theo H. M.; Pothier, Joël F.
15-Feb-2022Resolving taxonomic confusion : establishing the genus Phytobacter on the list of clinically relevant EnterobacteriaceaeSmits, Theo H. M.; Arend, Lavinia N. V. S.; Cardew, Sofia; Tång-Hallbäck, Erika; Mira, Marcelo T., et al
2022Spontaneous resistance of Erwinia amylovora against bacteriophage Y2 affects infectivity of multiple phagesKnecht, Leandra E.; Born, Yannick; Pelludat, Cosima; Pothier, Joël F.; Smits, Theo H. M., et al
16-Dec-2021Xanthomonas hydrangeae sp. nov., a novel plant pathogen isolated from Hydrangea arborescensDia, Nay C.; Van Vaerenbergh, Johan; Van Malderghem, Cinzia; Blom, Jochen; Smits, Theo H. M., et al
4-Aug-2021Tracking the dissemination of Erwinia amylovora in the Eurasian continent using a PCR targeted on the duplication of a single CRISPR spacerKurz, Mirjam; Carnal, Simon; Dafny-Yelin, Mery; Mairesse, Orly; Gottsberger, Richard A., et al
16-Jul-2021Synergistic interaction between the type III secretion system of the endophytic bacterium Pantoea agglomerans DAPP‐PG 734 and the virulence of the causal agent of olive knot Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi DAPP‐PG 722Moretti, Chiaraluce; Rezzonico, Fabio; Orfei, Benedetta; Cortese, Chiara; Moreno‐Pérez, Alba, et al
3-Jun-2021Broad diversity of bacteria degrading 17ß-estradiol-3-sulfate isolated from river sediment and biofilm at a wastewater treatment plant dischargeMainetti, Tamara; Palmisano, Marilena; Rezzonico, Fabio; Stres, Blaž; Kern, Susanne, et al
19-Feb-2021Complete genome sequences of four Xanthomonas hortorum species level clade strains sequenced with short- and long-read technologiesDia, Nay C.; Van Vaerenbergh, Johan; Van Malderghem, Cinzia; Blom, Jochen; Smits, Theo H. M., et al
10-Jan-2021Nitrogen transformations across compartments of an aquaponic systemSchmautz, Zala; Espinal, Carlos A.; Smits, Theo H. M.; Frossard, Emmanuel; Junge, Ranka
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