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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
12-Sep-2022Animal cell culture-based cellular agriculture : basics and challenges of clean meat productionSchirmer, Cedric
25-Jul-2022Improved time resolved KPI and strain characterization of multiple hosts in shake flasks using advanced online analytics and data scienceMaschke, Rüdiger; Pretzner, Barbara; John, Gernot T.; Herwig, Christoph; Eibl, Dieter
Jun-2022Qualification of a single-use disk stack separator for modern mAb upstream processing at pilot scaleSchirmer, Cedric; Ott, Vivian; Müller, Jan; Göhmann, Rüdiger; Biewald, Andreas, et al
Mar-2022A new single-use disk stack separator for pilot scale CHO cell-based antibody productionsOtt, Vivian; Müller, Jan; Eibl-Schindler, Regine; Eibl, Dieter; Schirmer, Cedric, et al
18-Jan-2022Algorithm-aided engineering of aliphatic halogenase WelO5* for the asymmetric late-stage functionalization of soraphensBüchler, Johannes; Malca, Sumire Honda; Patsch, David; Voss, Moritz; Turner, Nicholas J., et al
2022No time to die : comparative study on preservation protocols for anaerobic fungiVinzelj, Julia; Joshi, Akshay; Young, Diana; Begovic, Ljubica; Peer, Nico, et al
2022Qualification of a single‐use disk stack separator for cell separation in mammalian cell‐based antibody productionOtt, Vivian; Müller, Jan; Schirmer, Cedric; Weiss, Noémi; Göhmann, Rüdiger, et al
2022Visualizing hydrophobic and hydrophilic enzyme interactions during immobilization by means of infrared microscopyPauli, Oliver; Ecker, Achim; Cruz-Izquierdo, Alvaro; Basso, Alessandra; Serban, Simona
Jan-2022Determination of culture design spaces in shaken disposable cultivation systems for CHO suspension cell culturesMaschke, Rüdiger W.; Seidel, Stefan; Bley, Thomas; Eibl, Regine; Eibl, Dieter
2022Single‐use technology for the production of cellular agricultural products : where are we today?Schirmer, Cedric; Eibl-Schindler, Regine; Maschke, Rüdiger; Mozaffari, Fruhar; Junne, Stefan, et al
2022Simultaneous metabarcoding and quantification of neocallimastigomycetes from environmental samples : insights into community composition and novel lineagesYoung, Diana; Joshi, Akshay; Huang, Liren; Munk, Bernhard; Wurzbacher, Christian, et al
2022Seed train intensification using an ultra-high cell density cell banking processMüller, Jan; Ott, Vivian; Eibl, Dieter; Eibl-Schindler, Regine
2022Enzyme engineering enables inversion of substrate stereopreference of the halogenase WelO5*Voss, Moritz; Hüppi, Sean; Schaub, Daniela; Hayashi, Takahiro; Ligibel, Mathieu, et al
6-Nov-2021Predictive monitoring of shake flask cultures with online estimated growth modelsPretzner, Barbara; Maschke, Rüdiger; Haiderer, Claudia; John, Gernot T.; Herwig, Christoph, et al
7-Jun-2021Re‐programming and optimization of a L‐proline cis‐4‐hydroxylase for the cis‐3‐halogenation of its native substratePapadopoulou, Athena; Meierhofer, Jasmin; Meyer, Fabian; Hayashi, Takahiro; Schneider, Samuel, et al
Results 1-15 of 129 (Search time: 0.015 seconds).