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2016-08In vivo confirmation of hydration-induced changes in human-skin thickness, roughness and interaction with the environmentDabrowska, Agnieszka K.; Adlhart, Christian; Spano, Fabriziano; Rotaru, Gelu-Marius; Derler, Siegfried; Zhai, Lina; Spencer, Nicolas D.; Rossi, René M.
2016-10-26Evaluation of the “harmony value” : a sensory method to discriminate the quality range within the category of EVOOBongartz, Annette; Popp, Martin; Schneller, Reinhard; Oberg, Dieter
2016Nutrient supply of plants in aquaponic systemsBittsánszky, András; Uzinger, Nikolett; Gyulai, Gábor; Mathis, Alex; Junge, Ranka; Villarroel, Morris; Kotzen, Benzion; Komives, Tamas
2016Supramolecular organization of dye molecules in zeolite L channels : synthesis, properties, and composite materialsCao, Pengpeng; Khorev, Oleg; Devaux, André; Sägesser, Lucie; Kunzmann, Andreas; Ecker, Achim; Häner, Robert; Brühwiler, Dominik; Calzaferri, Gion; Belser, Peter
2016OXISCREEN – Wirkungsbezogene Analytik : zur Detektion von Reaktionsprodukten bei der Trinkwasseraufbereitung mit O3, O3/H2O2 und CL2/CLO2Köster, Oliver; Schubert-Ulrich, Patricia; Schönborn, Andreas; Schulz, Wolfgang
2016Survey of aquaponics in europeVillarroel, Morris; Junge, Ranka; Komives, Tamas; König, Bettina; Plaza, Ignacio; Bittsánszky, András; Joly, Agnès
2016On the sustainability of aquaponicsKönig, Bettina; Junge, Ranka; Bittsánszky, András; Villaroel, Morris; Komives, Tamas
2016Über Gewicht im Alter : Lebensqualität, Langlebigkeit und kulturelle NormenBrombach, Christine
2016Potential for combined biocontrol activity against fungal fish and plant pathogens by bacterial isolates from a model aquaponic systemSirakov, Ivaylo Nikolaev; Lutz, Matthias; Graber, Andreas; Mathis, Alex; Staykov, Yordan; Smits, Theo H. M.; Junge, Ranka
2016Direct coupling of HPTLC with MALDI-TOF MS for qualitative detection of flavonoids on phytochemical fingerprintsPedrussio, Simona; Kroslakova, Ivana; Wolfram, Evelyn