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2013-12-23Pitzer ion activities in mixed electrolytes for calibration of ion-selective electrodes used in clinical chemistryBastkowski, Frank; Spitzer, Petra; Eberhardt, Ralf; Adel, Beatrice; Wunderli, Samuel; Berdat, Daniel; Andres, Hanspeter; Brunschwig, Olivier; Máriássy, Michal; Fehér, Roger; Demuth, Caspar; Gonzaga, Fabiano Barbieri; Borges, Paulo Paschoal; da Silva Junior, Wiler Batista; Vospělová, Alena; Vičarová, Martina; Srithongtim, Sirinapha
2013-12-02On-line process monitoring of coffee roasting by resonant laser ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry : bridging the gap from industrial batch roasting to flavour formation inside an individual coffee beanHertz-Schünemann, Romy; Dorfner, R.; Yeretzian, Chahan; Streibel, T.; Zimmermann, R.
2013-12Die Erdoberfläche in Pixeln : Potentiale kostengünstiger Fernerkundungsdrohnen in den UmweltwissenschaftenGeilhausen, Martin; Ochsner, Pascal; Rupf, Reto
2013-12Einkauf und Supply Chain Management : wichtige Kompetenzen für angehende Facility Manager/innenHofer, Susanne; Arnold Moos, Irene
2013-11-29Plant and animal suspension cell cultures : scale-up of geometrically dissimilar orbitally shaken single-use bioreactorOlownia, Johanna; Werner, Sören; Eibl, Dieter
2013-11-21Effect of plant growth regulators on growth patterns and physiological status of Hypericum calycinum shoot culturesTreneva, Galina; Markovska, Yuliana; Wolfram, Evelyn; Danova, Kalina
2013-11-17The Bulgarian Swiss joint research project PhytoBalk : an example of application of biotechnological methods for the conservation of valuable medicinal plants germplasm and region independent biotechnological production of plant derived pharmaceuticalsWolfram, Evelyn; Meier, Beat; Danova, Kalina
2013-11-14Guiding the development of multi-functional ingredients for bakery products : an overviewSych, Janice Marie; Kinner, Mathias; Popp, Martin; Miescher Schwenninger, Susanne; Bongartz, Annette; Kleinert, Michael
2013-11-08Methodenwahl in der kosmetischen SensorikHuber, Petra
2013-11-07Der digitale Gärtner - und wo bleibt das Hand-Werk?Hodgson, Petra
2013-10-30Quality discrimination of EVOOs : insights from the long-term project: international olive oil award – ZurichPopp, Martin; Bongartz, Annette
2013-10Potential of pre-treatments to reduce unacceptable colour and texture changes of chicken breasts occurring due to high pressure processingLamberti, Manuela; Bärtschi, Katharina; Yildirim, Selçuk
2013-10Xanthomonas arboricola pv. fragariae : what's in a name?Vandroemme, Joachim; Cottyn, Bart; Pothier, Joël F.; Pflüger, Valentin; Duffy, Brion; Maes, Martine
2013-10Phylogenetic position and virulence apparatus of the pear flower necrosis pathogen Erwinia piriflorinigrans CFBP 5888T as assessed by comparative genomicsSmits, Theo H. M.; Rezzonico, Fabio; López, Maria M.; Blom, Jochen; Goesmann, Alexander; Frey, Jürg E.; Duffy, Brion
2013-10A user-friendly tool for assessing sustainability of menus in large-scale cateringMüller, Claudia; Grabherr, Patrizia Margrith; Ott, Thomas; Brombach, Christine; Hauck, René
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