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dc.contributor.authorKrasselt, Julia-
dc.contributor.authorDreesen, Philipp-
dc.description.abstractProtecting and ensuring the health of weaker and vulnerable members of the society is one guiding ethical principle during the COVID-19 pandemic. The communication of public health measures, a mediatized public discourse, and the perception as well as the discursive practices of sense-making among relevant audiences are crucial for the containment of the virus. Early in the pandemic, the role of young adults (age 15-34) in the transmission of the virus became evident. Adequate communicative strategies of public health authorities are thus crucial in order to address and include young adults. From an epidemiological perspective, practices of inclusion must focus less on marginalized groups and more on a large, socially well represented population. The paper focuses on the discoursive construction of the vector population from the beginning of the pandemic, during lockdown and summer. Corpus linguistic and NLP methods (e.g.,word embeddings) are applied to a corpus of texts from Swiss mass media and public health authorities. Results show that the vector population is denoted with a broad range of verbalizations, making it hard to address this group in a unified way. Thus, the construction of the vector population in the discourse remains fuzzy. However, there is a clear finding that the vector population is constructed in contexts of health risk, social behavior, and economic consequences.de_CH
dc.rightsLicence according to publishing contractde_CH
dc.subjectPublic health communicationde_CH
dc.subjectDiscourse analysisde_CH
dc.subjectCorpus linguisticsde_CH
dc.subjectVector populationde_CH
dc.subject.ddc302.2: Kommunikationde_CH
dc.subject.ddc362: Gesundheits- und Sozialdienstede_CH
dc.titleInclusion of majority : discoursive dynamics of responsibility during the COVID-19 pandemicde_CH
dc.typeKonferenz: Sonstigesde_CH
zhaw.departementAngewandte Linguistikde_CH
zhaw.organisationalunitInstitute of Language Competence (ILC)de_CH
zhaw.conference.details17th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA), Winterthur (online), 27 June - 2 July 2021de_CH
zhaw.publication.reviewPeer review (Abstract)de_CH
zhaw.webfeedDigital Linguisticsde_CH
zhaw.webfeedG: Gesundheit von Kindern und Jugendlichende_CH
zhaw.webfeedOrganisationskommunikation Öffentlichkeitde_CH
zhaw.funding.zhawPublic COVID-19 pandemic discoursesde_CH
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