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4-Nov-2022Measuring sense of indebtedness in second-generation immigrants in SwitzerlandPfammatter, Pirmin; Schwarz, Beate
12-Aug-2022Food preferences throughout the menstrual cycle : a computer-assisted neuro-endocrino-psychological investigationLefebvre, Marie; Hengartner, Michael P.; Tronci, Enrico; Mancini, Toni; Ille, Fabian, et al
20-Jul-2022The serotonin theory of depression : a systematic umbrella review of the evidenceMoncrieff, Joanna; Cooper, Ruth E.; Stockmann, Tom; Amendola, Simone; Hengartner, Michael Pascal, et al
11-Jul-2022The impact of baseline mindfulness scores on mindfulness-based intervention outcomes : toward personalized mental health interventionsVergara, Rodrigo C.; Baquedano, Constanza; Lorca-Ponce, Enrique; Steinebach, Christoph; Langer, Álvaro I.
19-Jun-2022Belonging to the LGBT+ community and intergenerational relations : the role of filial obligationsPfammatter, Pirmin; Schmid, Giulia; Schwarz, Beate
6-May-2022Empower Peers 4 Careers : Positive Peer Culture to prepare adolescents' career choicesSchellenberg, Claudia; Steinebach, Christoph; Krauss, Annette
18-Mar-2022Character strengths and fluid intelligenceKretzschmar, André; Wagner, Lisa; Gander, Fabian; Hofmann, Jennifer; Proyer, René T., et al
Mar-2022Künstliche Intelligenz in der Personalauswahl : DebatteBardy, Gian-Rico; Gyöngyösi, Natalie; Mölleney, Matthias
Mar-2022Factors related to non-compliance with non-pharmaceutical interventions to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2 : results from a survey in the Swiss general adult populationHengartner, Michael P.; Waller, Gregor; von Wyl, Agnes
Feb-2022„Aacho“ – ein niederschwelliges gruppentherapeutisches Angebot für geflüchtete Mütter mit Kleinkindern : Ergebnisse einer evaluativen PilotstudieWade-Bohleber, Laura; Hofer, Anina; Ottiger, Martina; von Wyl, Agnes; Stulz, Antonia, et al
29-Jan-2022Longitudinal reciprocal associations between depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders over three decades of lifeAmendola, Simone; Hengartner, Michael Pascal; Ajdacic-Gross, Vladeta; Angst, Jules; Rössler, Wulf
2022Narrative Ansätze in Beratung und Coaching : das Modell der Persönlichkeits- und Identitätskonstruktion (MPI) in der PraxisSchreiber, Marc
2022Is humor temperament associated with being creative, original, and funny? : a tale of three studiesLau, Chloe; Li, Catherine; Chiesi, Francesca; Hofmann, Jennifer; Saklofske, Donald H.
2022Increased suicide risk among younger women in winter during full moon in northern Europe : an artifact or a novel finding?Plöderl, Martin; Westerlund, Joakim; Hökby, Sebastian; Hadlaczky, Gergö; Hengartner, Michael Pascal
2022Well-designed medical pictograms accelerate searchReijnen, Ester; Laasner Vogt, Lea; Fiechter, Jan P.; Kühne, Swen J.; Meister, Nadine, et al
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