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11-Jul-2022The impact of baseline mindfulness scores on mindfulness-based intervention outcomes : toward personalized mental health interventionsVergara, Rodrigo C.; Baquedano, Constanza; Lorca-Ponce, Enrique; Steinebach, Christoph; Langer, Álvaro I.
6-May-2022Empower Peers 4 Careers : Positive Peer Culture to prepare adolescents' career choicesSchellenberg, Claudia; Steinebach, Christoph; Krauss, Annette
2-Nov-2020European psychology in the post-corona crisis : adaptation and self-optimization of a professionSteinebach, Christoph
6-Oct-2020European psychology in the post-corona crisis : adaptation and self-optimization of a professionSteinebach, Christoph
16-Sep-2020European psychology fighting COVID-19Steinebach, Christoph
15-Jul-2020Response by health care professionals : the perspective of European psychologistsSteinebach, Christoph
4-Jul-2020Mental health workforces’ interactions in the post-Covid times : professionals’ perspective?Steinebach, Christoph
2020A qualitative study of a mindfulness-based intervention in educational contexts in Chile : an approach based on adolescents’ voicesLanger, Álvaro I.; Medeiros, Sebastián; Valdés-Sánchez, Nelson; Brito, Rodrigo; Steinebach, Christoph, et al
2020Special issue : XVI European congress of psychologyZinchenko, Yuri; Steinebach, Christoph
23-May-2019Enhancing generosity and individual resilience : the role of positive environments for the development of caring communitiesSteinebach, Christoph; Sempach, Robert; Schulte, Volker B.
23-May-2019Changing yourself or changing the environment? : the role of positive environments to enhance resilience and sustainabilityCarrus, Giuseppe; Pirchio, Sabine; Steinebach, Christoph
7-Feb-2019Connecting mindfulness-based and peer-related approaches across the lifespan : guest lecture at IIT Kharagpur, India, 7 February 2019Steinebach, Christoph
2019Generosity, peer-support, and positive development in youthSteinebach, Christoph; Schär Gmelch, Marcel; Knafla, Imke
2019Looking for a broad framework for the integration of mindfulness-based interventions in the educational systemLanger, Álvaro I; Steinebach, Christoph; García-Rubio, Carlos; Andreu, Catherine I; Torres-Díaz, Leandro
2019Enhancing resilience in youth : sustainable systemic effects in different environmentsSteinebach, Christoph; Langer, Álvaro I.; Tri Thi, Minh Thuy
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