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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019JAMESfocus : digitale Medien im UnterrichtSuter, Lilian; Külling, Céline; Bernath, Jael; Waller, Gregor; Willemse, Isabel, et al
2019The therapists’ training and their attitudes towards therapy as predictors of therapeutic interventionsCrameri, Aureliano; Tschuschke, Volker; Koemeda, Margit; Schulthess, Peter; von Wyl, Agnes
2019What are the chances for personalised treatment with antidepressants? : detection of patient-by-treatment interaction with a variance ratio meta-analysisPlöderl, Martin; Hengartner, Michael Pascal
2019Antidepressant use during acute inpatient care is associated with an increased risk of psychiatric rehospitalisation over a 12-month follow-up after dischargeHengartner, Michael Pascal; Passalacqua, Silvia; Andreae, Andreas; Heinsius, Thomas; Hepp, Urs, et al
2019Protecting physical health in people with mental illnessHengartner, Michael Pascal; Read, John; Moncrieff, Joanna
2019Scientific debate instead of beef : challenging misleading arguments about the efficacy of antidepressantsHengartner, Michael Pascal
2019Comment on Osler et al : misinterpretation of pre‐post‐differences invalidate the authors’ conclusionsVolkmann, Constantin; Plöderl, Martin; Hengartner, Michael Pascal
2019Reply to the letter to the editor : “newer-generation antidepressants and suicide risk : thoughts on Hengartner and Plöderl’s re-analysis”Hengartner, Michael Pascal; Plöderl, Martin
9-Nov-2018Das TSPP-Modell : eine Blaupause für die Coaching-ProzessforschungDeplazes, Silvia; Graf, Eva-Maria; Künzli, Hansjörg
Nov-2018Coaching von Jugendlichen in der Phase des Berufseinstiegs : eignet sich der Provokative Stil im Coaching von Jugendlichen und durch welche weiteren systemischen Coaching-Methoden kann er sinnvoll ergänzt werden?Maag, Yvonne; Jonassen, Marion; Gubser, Rita
10-Oct-2018Veränderungseffekte und Karriere-Adaptabilität in der Studien- und LaufbahnberatungToggweiler, Stephan
Sep-2018Chancengleichheit an der ZHAW : Studie zur Lebenssituation von Studierenden mit BehinderungenPassalacqua, Silvia; Fehlmann, Matthias; McGowan, Brian; Kahlen, Annette; von Wyl, Agnes
Sep-2018“Placement Budgets” for supported employment : impact on quality of life in a multicenter randomized controlled trialRössler, Wulf; Kawohl, Wolfram; Nordt, Carlos; Haker, Helene; Rüsch, Nicolas, et al
16-Jul-2018Sleep disturbances and suicidality : a longitudinal analysis from a representative community study over 30 yearsRössler, Wulf; Angst, Jules; Ajdacic-Gross, Vladeta; Haker, Helene; Berrouiguet, Sofian, et al
Feb-2018Raising awareness for the replication crisis in clinical psychology by focusing on inconsistencies in psychotherapy research : how much can we rely on published findings from efficacy trials?Hengartner, Michael Pascal
Results 16-30 of 558 (Search time: 0.022 seconds).