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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
13-Jul-2020Associations of social and psychological resources with different facets of chronic stress : a study with employed and unemployed adolescentsWade-Bohleber, Laura Maria; Duss, Carmen; Crameri, Aureliano; von Wyl, Agnes
4-Jun-2020Fostering team innovation and learning by means of team‐centric transformational leadership : the role of teamwork qualityKlaic, Anamarija; Burtscher, Michael Josef; Jonas, Klaus
11-May-2020Wirksamkeit von Laufbahnberatungen : gute Resultate für die BSB SchwyzSträssle, Philipp; Toggweiler, Stephan
Apr-2020MIKE – Medien, Interaktion, Kinder, Eltern : Ergebnisbericht 2019Waller, Gregor; Suter, Lilian; Bernath, Jael; Külling, Céline; Willemse, Isabel, et al
Apr-2020A smartphone-based health care chatbot to promote self-management of chronic pain (SELMA) : pilot randomized controlled trialHauser-Ulrich, Sandra; Künzli, Hansjörg; Meier-Peterhans, Danielle; Kowatsch, Tobias
2020The change-inventory for career counseling : an instrument for measuring counseling-correlated changesToggweiler, Stephan; Künzli, Hansjörg
2020Efficacy of new-generation antidepressants assessed with the Montgomery-Asberg depression rating scale, the gold standard clinician rating scale : a meta-analysis of randomised placebo-controlled trialsHengartner, Michael Pascal; Jakobsen, Janus C.; Sørensen, Anders; Plöderl, Martin
2020Personality traits and psychopathology over the course of six months of outpatient psychotherapy : a prospective observational studyHengartner, Michael Pascal; von Wyl, Agnes; Heiniger Haldimann, Barbara; Yamanaka-Altenstein, Misa
2020Development and validation of the ‘Lebender emoticon PANAVA’ scale (LE-PANAVA) for digitally measuring positive and negative activation, and valence via emoticonsSchreiber, Marc; Jenny, Gregor J.
2020ADELE+ : der Medienumgang von Kindern im Vorschulalter (4-6 Jahre) - Chancen und Risiken für die GesundheitBernath, Jael; Waller, Gregor; Meidert, Ursula
2020Nurses’ voice : the role of hierarchy and leadershipKrenz, Hanna; Burtscher, Michael Josef; Grande, Bastian; Kolbe, Michaela
2020How effective are antidepressants for depression over the long term? A critical review of relapse prevention trials and the issue of withdrawal confoundingHengartner, Michael Pascal
2020Vocational, college and career counseling in Switzerland : blended information and e-counseling in a digitized worldSchreiber, Marc; Reumiller, Daniel
2020Comparative efficacy of placebos in short-term antidepressant trials for major depression : a secondary meta-analysis of placebo-controlled trialsHolper, Lisa; Hengartner, Michael Pascal
Jan-2020JAMESfocus : Mediennutzung und GesundheitBernath, Jael; Suter, Lilian; Waller, Gregor; Willemse, Isabel; Külling, Céline, et al
Results 1-15 of 578 (Search time: 0.019 seconds).