Title: Opto-chemical sensor
Inventor : Radanovic, Dragan
Venturini, Francesca
Patent submitter: Mettler Toledo AG
Issue Date: 27-Mar-2013
Language : English
Subjects : optical sensor; luminescence
Subject (DDC) : 620: Engineering
Abstract: The sensor has a measuring arrangement arranged in a sensor housing. Measurement signals are resulted from direct or indirect interaction of optical and/or electric signals with a measuring medium. A covering cap seals the measuring arrangement against the medium. A measuring element is arranged on a window at a medium-side and stays in direct contact with the medium. The covering cap and the window are made of glass or plastic and transmissive for optical and/or electric signals and the measurement signals. The window is formed as a lens and a filter such as an edge filter.
Departement: School of Engineering
Organisational Unit: Institute of Applied Mathematics and Physics (IAMP)
Publication type: Patent
Patentnumber : EP2573548
metadata.zhaw.publication.code: A1
URI: https://register.epo.org/espacenet/regviewer?AP=11182045&CY=EP&LG=en&DB=REG
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