Publication type: Patent
Title: High definition video/audio over IP networks
Inventor: Gelke, Hans-Joachim
Banfi, Angelo
Rohr, Rudolf
Patent submitter: Barox Kommunikation AG
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2013
Publication number: US8547995
metadata.zhaw.publication.code: B2
Published as: US2011122877A1
Language: English
Subjects: HDCP; streaming; HD Video; HDMI
Subject (DDC): 621.3: Electrical, communications, control engineering
Abstract: The patent describes a system to transmit HD-Video and Audio over routable IP connections. The transmit unit is called VTB, the receive unit is called VRB. Both the transmitter unit VTB and the receiver unit VRB feature a modular structure consisting of a base module or baseboard common to both units and one or more exchangeable adapter cards attached to or inserted into the baseboards to perform selected functions. The basebord is unitary; its components are activated depending upon the baseboard being in a VTB or a VRB. Each card is unique and eannarked and serves a specific purpose, e.g. for video coding and decoding, SMPTE processing, clocking/re-clocking, audio embedding/extraction. Upon inserting a card into a baseboard, the earmark is identified and the baseboard configured as transmitter or receiver baseboard. Functions in the baseboard can be implemented in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and the network management, configuration, and/or control of the transmitting and] or receiving processes be performed by a softcore processors.
Departement: School of Engineering
Organisational Unit: Institute of Embedded Systems (InES)
Appears in collections:Patente School of Engineering

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Gelke, H.-J., Banfi, A., & Rohr, R. (2013). High definition video/audio over IP networks (Patent No. US8547995B2).
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