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dc.contributor.authorBrügger, Urs-
dc.description.abstractThe healthcare sector is booming. In many areas the Swiss health system tends to provide excessive medical care and, thus, generates overuse and waste. In others however, medical care is insufficient. “Economisation” is often blamed for both misdevelopments. People talk about false incentives and commodification, but they also talk about excessive savings and rationing. Health is not a commodity like any other. It is, beyond any doubt, one of the most important goods. There are good economic reasons why health care is not left to the free market. In order for the system to work without a market mechanism, economic tools, such as health-economic evaluations and tariffs are needed. It is of great importance which medical services are reimbursed and how high the reimbursement is. Unfortunately, these tools have also undesirable side effects. Medical services should primarily focus on the medical necessity, not on economic interests. “Indication quality” is an essential condition to avoid excessive, insufficient or inappropriate medical care. Secondly, the care providers must offer efficient services. This is why approaches such as “lean management”, which have long been used in other industries, have found their way into the healthcare sector. “Value” is only created in the healthcare sector if patients receive the appropriate medical care, and if the medical care, and if those services are provided in an efficient way. Only then the criteria of “effectiveness, appropriateness and cost-effectiveness”, stipulated by the Health Insurance law for the reimbursement of services are fulfilled. This is in the interest of both patients and society as well well as in the spirit of medicine and economics.de_CH
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dc.subject.ddc362: Gesundheits- und Sozialdienstede_CH
dc.titleMedizin und Ökonomie - Freunde oder Feinde?de_CH
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