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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020Wearable device technology in healthcare : exploring constraining and enabling factorsKrey, Mike
2020Strategies as a basis for the development of hospital assetsEicher, Bernhard; Steiner, Reto
1-Apr-2019Digitalisierung - aber richtig! : der Lean-Ansatz in der ArztpraxisAngerer, Alfred; Hollenstein, Eva
2019Kooperative Dienstleistungsentwicklung im Gesundheitswesen : die Umsetzung des Health-Value-Chain-AnsatzesAngerer, Alfred; Kobler, Irene; Liberatore, Florian
2019Same same but different : a literature review on the lean improvement concepts in operating rooms settingsAngerer, Alfred; Brand, Tim; Berger, Sina
2019The relevance of citizen co-creation for the effectiveness of public health campaigns : results from the evaluation of a HIV prevention campaign in SwitzerlandLiberatore, Florian; Schmelzer, Sarah; Angerer, Alfred
2019The development and validation of the Swiss CSI-HC : a client satisfaction measure for homecare services in SwitzerlandHollenstein, Eva; Schmelzer-Kriech, Sarah; Liberatore, Florian
2019Measuring the gap to universal health coverageWieser, Simon; Eichler, Klaus
2019Volkswirtschaftlich unterschätzt : die Ostschweizer Gesundheitswirtschaft in ZahlenSlembeck, Tilman
2019Like a Swiss watch? : measuring the effects of a lean implementation at Bern university hospitalBrand, Tim; Angerer, Alfred; Schmelzer, Sarah
2019“Tell me who you are, and I'll tell you where you're being treated" : determinants of care pathways for accident patientsHöglinger, Marc
2019Chronic pain concepts and provision in Swiss paediatricians : prevalence and experiencesCarlander, Maria; Koechlin, Helen; Locher, Cosima; Wörner, Andreas; Dratva, Julia
2019Cost impact of the changing role of the general practitioner in trauma care : a decomposition analysisHöglinger, Marc
2019Leben mit chronischen Krankheiten im Alter : differentielle Effekte auf Lebensqualität und Alltagsautonomie nach sozialen GruppenHöglinger, Marc; Seiler, Simon
2019The digital transformation in Swiss hospitals : a reference modelling approachKrey, Mike
Results 1-15 of 230 (Search time: 0.007 seconds).