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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
11-Nov-2020Achieving energy autonomy for LPWAN nodesMeli, Marcel
10-Nov-2020Autonomous wireless sensors for walls and bridgesMeli, Marcel; Maij, Benjamin
10-Nov-2020Smart radiator based on energy harvestingGruber, Juan-Mario; Mathis, Simon
10-Nov-2020The AMANDA projectMeli, Marcel
29-Oct-2020What happens next? : beyond security with liability in future networksGür, Gürkan
Sep-2020Artificial neural networks in pattern recognition : proceedings of the 9th IAPR TC3 workshop, ANNPR 2020, Winterthur, Switzerland, September 2–4, 2020Schilling, Frank-Peter; Stadelmann, Thilo
10-Aug-2020Context-aware learning for generative modelsPerdikis, Serafeim; Leeb, Robert; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Millán, José del R.
15-Jul-2020Standards for neurotechnologies and brain-machine interfacingChavarriaga, Ricardo
25-Jun-2020Spatial covariance improves BCI performance for late ERPs components with high temporal variabilityAydarkhanov, Ruslan; Ušćumlić, Marija; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Gheorghe, Lucian; del R Millán, José
12-Jun-2020User adaptation to closed-loop decoding of motor imagery terminationOrset, Bastien; Lee, Kyuhwa; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Millan, Jose del R.
Mar-2020General principles of machine learning for brain-computer interfacingIturrate, Iñaki; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Millán, José del R.
27-Feb-2020Direct data exchange between FPGAs and GPUs using GPUDirectHuber, Philipp; Rosenthal, Matthias
26-Feb-2020Artificial intelligence on microcontrollersZingg, Raphael; Rosenthal, Matthias
1-Feb-2020Echtzeit-Datenaustausch zwischen FPGA und GPUHuber, Philipp; Rosenthal, Matthias
27-Jan-2020Multi-task learning approach for optical luminescence sensingVenturini, Francesca; Michelucci, Umberto; Baumgartner, Michael
Results 1-15 of 224 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).