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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Sep-2020Liability-aware security management for 5GGaber, Chrystel; Vilchez, Jose Sanchez; Gür, Gürkan; Chopin, Morgan; Perrot, Nancy, et al
2020INSPIRE-5Gplus : intelligent security and pervasive trust for 5G and beyond networksOrtiz, Jordi; Sanchez-Iborra, Ramon; Bernabe, Jorge Bernal; Skarmeta, Antonio; Benzaid, Chafika, et al
2019AMANDA : an autonomous self-powered miniaturized smart sensing embedded systemKouzinopoulos, Charalampos S.; Vujicic, Oskar; Tzovaras, Dimitrios; Bembnowicz, Pawel; Meli, Marcel, et al
6-Jun-2018Low-Power Netzwerke für unterirdische SensorenBlumensaat, Frank; Ebi, Christian; Rüst, Andreas; Schaltegger, Fabian
2018Individualisierte Gesichtsdetektion auf Embedded SystemenZimmermann, Bruno
2018Combined fault location and classification for power transmission lines fault diagnosis with integrated feature extractionChen, Yann Qi; Fink, Olga; Sansavini, Giovanni
Sep-2017Wireless monitoring of manufacturing equipment powered by energy harvestingGruber, Juan-Mario
2017Comparing selected sub-GHz transceivers : results from the fieldHäring, Benjamin; Häring, Dimitri; Reifler, Lukas; Schaltegger, Fabian; Rüst, Andreas
2016Comparing the energy requirements of current bluetooth smart solutions (February 2016)Gugg, Mathias; Brütsch, Manuel; Brülisauer, Cornel; Meli, Marcel
2016Easy and safe pairing for bluetooth smartMeli, Marcel; Rion, Olivier; Widmer, Lukas
2016Vibration energy harvesting sensor node with Bluetooth smart communicationGruber, Juan-Mario; Mathis, Simon
2016Affordable energy autonomous wireless sensor for day and nightMeli, Marcel; Hegetschweiler, Lukas
2016Powering long range wireless nodes with harvested energyMeli, Marcel; Bachmann, Philipp Mario
2016Monitoring of building constructions with passive RFID technologyBrunner, Basil; Küng, Roland; Strässler, Daniel
2015LEDs as cost-effective energy harvesters for IoT sensor nodesMeli, Marcel; Roth, Niklas; Gutzwiller, Pius
Results 1-15 of 32 (Search time: 0.011 seconds).