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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Reliable cloud-applications : an implementation through service orchestrationEdmonds, Andrew; Dudouet, Florian; Erne, Michael
2015Redesign of an introductory computer graphics courseAckermann, Philipp; Bach, Thomas
2015LEDs as cost-effective energy harvesters for IoT sensor nodesMeli, Marcel; Roth, Niklas; Gutzwiller, Pius
2015Autarkic monitoring with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)Gruber, Juan-Mario
2015Optimising non-real time frame handling in real time ethernet nodesItin, Lukas; Doran, Hans Dermot
2015GEYSER : enabling green data centres in smart citiesAnghel, Ionut; Bertoncini, Massimo; Cioara, Tudor; Cupelli, Marco; Georgiadou, Vasiliki, et al
2015IT risk audit tool to enhance IT risk assessmentsMock, Ralf Günter; Truninger, Benjamin; Brunner, Patrick; Pociuipa, Giedrius
2015Bluetooth Low Energy feedback while advertisingGruber, Juan-Mario; Fabbroni, Tiziano
2015Verbindungslose bidirektionale Kommunikation auf Basis von BLE Advertising für Beacons mit Lifetime BatteryGruber, Juan-Mario; Fabbroni, Tiziano; Truninger, Dominique
2015Analysis of necessary sensor spatial resolution for reliable plant detectionSeatovic, Dejan; Mure-Dubois, James
2015Development and application of deep belief networks for predicting railway operations disruptionsFink, Olga; Zio, Enrico; Weidmann, Ulrich
2015Deep learning on a Raspberry Pi for real time face recognitionDürr, Oliver; Pauchard, Yves; Browarnik, Diego Hernan; Axthelm, Rebekka; Loeser, Martin
2015Elastic scaling of cloud application performance based on Western Electric rules by injection of aspect-oriented codeBenz, Konstantin; Bohnert, Thomas M.
2015Streaming speech and music using bluetooth low energyMeli, Marcel; Rion, Olivier
2015Fuzzy classification with restricted Boltzman machines and echo-state networks for predicting potential railway door system failuresFink, Olga; Zio, Enrico; Weidmann, Ulrich
Results 1-15 of 38 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).