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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2009HSR : zero recovery time and low-cost redundancy for Industrial Ethernet (high availability seamless redundancy, IEC 62439-3)Kirrmann, Hubert; Kleineberg, Oliver; Weber, Karl; Weibel, Hans
2009Audio/Video Bridging : das Realtime-Ethernetprotokoll des IEEE 802Weibel, Hans
2008IEEE 1588 syntonization and synchronization functions completely realized in hardwareMeier, Sven; Weibel, Hans; Weber, Karl
2007IEEE 1588 applied in the environment of high availability LANsMeier, Sven; Weibel, Hans
2006Pre-standard prototype implementation of an end-to-end transparent clockWeibel, Hans; Mohl, Dirk S.
2006Synchronisation über Ethernet ermöglicht neue SystemkonzepteWeibel, Hans
2006IEEE 1588 TutorialWeibel, Hans
2005Determination of the IEEE 1588 relevant timing behaviour of 100Base-TX PHYsThurnheer, Christoph; Rupf, Marcel; Blattner, Jörg; Weibel, Hans
2005Gleiche Zeit in allen KnotenWeibel, Hans
2005IEEE 1588 : Verteilung von Zeit und FrequenzWeibel, Hans
2005High precision clock synchronization according to IEEE 1588 : implementation and performance issuesWeibel, Hans
2005Synchronisation über Ethernet ermöglicht neue SystemkonzepteWeibel, Hans
2005Synchronisation im Real-Time EthernetWeibel, Hans
2004PHYs and symmetrical propagation delay : study on propagation delay variation of 100Base-TX ethernet PHY chipsMüller, Thomas; Weibel, Hans; Blattner, Jörg; Ockert, Alexander
2004Implementation and performance of time stamping techniquesWeibel, Hans; Béchaz, Dominic
Results 1-15 of 19 (Search time: 0.014 seconds).