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18-Dec-2019Photonically-activated molecular excitations for thermal energy conversion in porphyrinic compoundsZhao, Yuan; Lin, Jou; Kundrat, David M.; Bonmarin, Mathias; Krupczak, John, et al
18-Dec-2019Investigating tar formation at low pressures in wood gasification systems, applying a novel thermo-chemical simulation modelBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Buff, Vincent; Zubiaga, Asier; Fassbind, Adrian; Caels, Pedro
15-Dec-2019Computational modelling of dynamic delamination in morphing composite blades and wingsFallah, Arash; Ghajari, Mazdak; Safa, Yasser
11-Dec-2019A detailed review on current status of energy efficiency improvement in the Swiss industry sectorZuberi, M. Jibran S.; Santoro, Marina; Eberle, Armin; Bhadbhade, Navdeep; Sulzer, Sabine, et al
Dec-2019Generation of the transport service offer with application to timetable planning considering constraints due to maintenance workWüst, Raimond Matthias; Bütikofer, Stephan; Köchli, Joël; Ess, Severin
Dec-2019Validation of advanced constitutive models for accurate FE modeling of TPUEberlein, Robert; Pasieka, Lucian; Rizos, Dimosthenis
Dec-2019Routes for efficiency enhancement in fluorescent TADF exciplex host OLEDs gained from an electro‐optical device modelRegnat, Markus; Pernstich, Kurt P.; Kim, Kwon‐Hyeon; Kim, Jang‐Joo; Nüesch, Frank, et al
Dec-2019Definition, complexity and optimisation of projectsSteinegger, Rolf
Dec-2019Good, fast and cheap : strategies for project controllingSteinegger, Rolf
22-Nov-2019Modeling of intensity-modulated photocurrent/photovoltage spectroscopy : effect of mobile ions on the dynamic response of perovskite solar cellsBernhardsgrütter, David; Schmid, Matthias Martin
20-Nov-2019IMPROVE : enhancing demand-side energy reduction through informative billing strategiesBichsel, Jürg; Kunz, Dominique; Padey, Pierryves; Citherlet, Stephane; Eicher, Sara, et al
13-Nov-2019Commuter segmentation and openness to sharing services : a Swiss case studyHoerler, Raphael; Hoppe, Merja
6-Nov-2019Solarbatteriesystem und transienter „NESPRESSO-Test“ in der ZHAW BachelorausbildungAllenspach, Cyril Armand; Koch, Rafael; Kinigadner, Elia; Carigiet, Fabian; Baumgartner, Franz
Nov-2019Wie maschinelles Lernen den Markt verändertStadelmann, Thilo
Nov-2019Bitcoin and market-(in)efficiency : a systematic time series approachWildi, Marc; Bundi, Nils Andri, et al
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