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11-Dec-2019Non-volatile particulate matter emission measurements of in-service commercial turbofan engines : a comparison with estimates using certified emissions of new enginesDurdina, Lukas; Edebeli, Jacinta; Spirig, Curdin; Anet, Julien
5-Dec-2019Simple spyware : Androids invisible foreground services and how to (ab)use themSutter, Thomas; Tellenbach, Bernhard
4-Dec-2019Mit additiver Fertigung zu innovativen GetriebekomponentenZumofen, Livia; Kirchheim, Andreas
Dec-2019Automated airport staff scheduling at Swissport International Ltd.Klinkert, Andreas; Fusek, Peter; Riesen, Bruno; Berner, Roman
Dec-2019Morphological computation and control in medicine and related sciencesFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Scheidegger, Stephan; Flumini, Dandolo; Schneider, Johannes Josef; Weyland, Mathias
Dec-2019Dipolar doping of organic semiconductors to enhance carrier injectionHofmann, Alexander J.L.; Züfle, Simon; Shimizu, Kohei; Schmid, Markus; Wessels, Vivien, et al
Dec-2019Präzisionsbauteile durch 3D-DruckBrändli, Christof; Groh, Arthur; Elspass, Wilfried Johannes; Herrmann, Denis; Tolar, Oliver, et al
25-Nov-2019The dynamic emission zone in sandwich polymer light‐emitting electrochemical cellsDiethelm, Matthias; Schiller, Andreas; Kawecki, Maciej; Devižis, Andrius; Blülle, Balthasar, et al
22-Nov-2019Safety und Security Analyse für vernetzte autonome SystemeReif, Monika Ulrike; Krauss, Sven Stefan
21-Nov-2019FPGA – GPU Co-DesignHuber, Philipp; Rosenthal, Matthias
18-Nov-2019Conference talk on investigating tar formation at low pressures in wood gasification systems, applying a novel thermo-chemical simulation modelBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Buff, Vincent; Zubiaga, Asier; Caels, Pedro
Nov-2019Data-driven servitization of SMEs : assessment of success factors based on a multiple case studySchweiger, Lukas; Meierhofer, Jürg
Nov-2019Access control powered by energy harvesting from door handleGruber, Juan-Mario; Toma, Patrick
2-Oct-2019Airport ground staff scheduling : a real-world business applicationFusek, Peter
1-Oct-2019Spectrum sharing and content-centric operation for 5G hybrid satellite networks : prospects and challenges for space-terrestrial system integrationGür, Gürkan
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