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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Dec-2011Towards a theoretical foundation for morphological computation with compliant bodiesHauser, Helmut; Ijspeert, Auke J.; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Pfeifer, Rolf; Maass, Wolfgang
23-Nov-2011CRO im Unternehmen - das neue ProfilKuhn, Heinrich
17-Oct-2011Nichtvereisende Beschichtungen für Rotorblätter von WindenergieanlagenSiegmann, Konstantin; Susoff, Markus; Hirayama, Martina
11-Oct-2011Numerical analysis of steady-state and transient charge transport in organic semiconductor devicesKnapp, Evelyne; Ruhstaller, Beat
Oct-2011Cost of low back pain in Switzerland in 2005Wieser, Simon; Horisberger, Bruno; Schmidhauser, Sara; Eisenring, Claudia; Brügger, Urs, et al
14-Sep-2011Redundancy topics for further standardizationWeber, Karl; Doran, Hans
12-Sep-2011Morphological control : applications on different scales exploiting classical and statistical mechanicFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel
1-Sep-2011Quantitative relationships between composition, particle size, triple phase boundary length and surface area in nickel-cermet anodes for solid oxide fuel cellsHolzer, Lorenz; Münch, Beat; Iwanschitz, Boris; Cantoni, Marco; Hocker, Thomas, et al
Sep-2011Sol-gel coatings with lime repellent propertiesSiegmann, Konstantin; Sterchi, Robert; Zuber, Franziska; Vetterli, Bettina; Widler, Roland, et al
12-Aug-2011Extended light scattering model incorporating coherence for thin-film silicon solar cellsLanz, Thomas; Ruhstaller, Beat; Battaglia, Corsin; Ballif, Christophe
Aug-2011Shaping the future by combining emerging issues with sustainability indicatorsCarabias-Hütter, Vicente
17-Jul-2011Using community structure for complex network layoutDürr, Oliver; Brandenburg, Arnd; Fink, Kerstin
Jun-2011Wenn Ethernet nicht ausfallen darfWeibel, Hans
3-May-2011Coupled optical and electronic modeling of dye-sensitized solar cells for steady-state parameter extractionWenger, Sophie; Schmid, Matthias; Rothenberger, Guido; Gentsch, Adrian; Grätzel, Michael, et al
Apr-20113D geometry and topology of pore pathways in Opalinus clay : implications for mass transportKeller, Lukas; Holzer, Lorenz; Wepf, Roger; Gasser, Philippe
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