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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2-Dec-2010Trendanalyse NH3-Immissionsmessungen in der SchweizPhilipp, Michel; Locher, René
Dec-2010CLEF 2010 conference on multilingual and multimodal information access evaluationAgosti, Maristella; Braschler, Martin; Choukri, Khalid; Ferro, Nicola; Harman, Donna, et al
Dec-2010On the photocatalytic degradation of phenol and dichloroacetate by BiVO4 : the need of a sacrificial electron acceptorCastillo, Nikola C.; Ding, Laura; Heel, Andre; Graule, Thomas; Pulgarin, Cesar
1-Oct-2010Simulation and validation of thermo-mechanical stresses in planar SOFCsKuebler, Jakob; Vogt, Uli F.; Haberstock, D.; Sfeir, J.; Mai, Andreas, et al
Oct-2010Open cloud computing interface : open community leading cloud standardsEdmonds, Andrew; Metsch, Thijs; Papaspyrou, Alexander; Richardson, Alexis
Oct-2010On the synthesis and performance of flame-made nanoscale La0.6Sr0.4CoO3−δ and its influence on the application as an intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathodeHeel, Andre; Holtappels, Peter; Graule, Thomas
14-Sep-2010Internet Datasafe : Sicherheitstechnische HerausforderungenRennhard, Marc
14-Sep-2010Automatisiertes Software Security-TestingRennhard, Marc
19-Aug-2010Controlling dynamical architecture contributions from morphological computation and controlFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel
Jul-2010Numerical simulation of charge transport in disordered organic semiconductor devicesKnapp, Evelyne; Häusermann, Roger; Schwarzenbach, Hansueli; Ruhstaller, Beat
Jun-2010Shape comparison between 0.4–2.0 and 20–60 μm cement particlesHolzer, Lorenz; Flatt, Robert J.; Erdoğan, Sinan T.; Bullard, Jeffrey W.; Garboczi, Edward J.
May-2010Time-dependent coupled optical and electric modeling of dye-sensitized solar cellsSchmid, Matthias; Gentsch, Adrian; Wenger, Sophie; Rothenberger, Guido; Schumacher, Jürgen
Apr-2010Business Engineering im Umbruch?Liebhart, Daniel
Apr-2010Understanding charge transport and recombination in dye-sensitized solar cells using an experimentally validated coupled optical and electrical modelWenger, Sophie; Schmid, Matthias; Rothenberger, Guido; Grätzel, Michael; Schumacher, Jürgen
Mar-2010Modeling two-phase flow in the gas diffusion layer of a proton exchange membrane fuel cellSchumacher, Jürgen; Safa, Yasser
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