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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2009Herz-Bypassoperation in wenigen Minuten?van de Venn, Hans Wernher; Järmann, Thomas
2009Die Kerbe, die Leben rettet : Bypass-Operationen mit semiautomatischem Nähinstrumentvan de Venn, Hans Wernher; Järmann, Thomas
2008Preliminary experience with visualization of intracortical fibers by focused high-resolution diffusion tensor imagingJärmann, Thomas; De Zanche, Nicolas; Staempfli, P.; Pruessmann, K.P.; Valavanis, A., et al
Jan-2008Combining fMRI and DTI : a framework for exploring the limits of fMRI-guided DTI fiber tracking and for verifying DTI-based fiber tractography resultsStämpfli, Philipp; Reischauer, Caroline; Järmann, Thomas; Valavanis, A.; Kollias, S., et al
May-2007Hypoxia-induced acute mountain sickness is associated with intracellular cerebral edema : a 3 T magnetic resonance imaging studySchoonman, Guus G; Sándor, Peter S; Nirkko, Arto C; Lange, Thomas; Järmann, Thomas, et al
2007Statistical analysis of the angle of intrusion of porcine ventricular myocytes from epicardium to endocardium using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imagingSchmid, Peter; Lunkenheimer, Paul P.; Redmann, Klaus; Rothaus, Kai; Jiang, Xiaoyi, et al
Oct-2006A preliminary study of the effects of trigger timing on diffusion tensor imaging of the human spinal cordSummers, Paul; Stämpfli, Philipp; Järmann, Thomas; Kwiecinski, S.; Kollias, S.
Mar-2006Resolving fiber crossing using advanced fast marching tractography based on diffusion tensor imagingStaempfli, Philipp; Järmann, Thomas; Crelier, G.R.; Kollias, S.; Valavanis, A., et al
2006Three-dimensional fiber architecture of the nonpregnant human uterus determined ex vivo using magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imagingWeiss, Stephan; Järmann, Thomas; Schmid, Peter; Staempfli, Philipp; Boesiger, Peter, et al
2006Influence of SENSE on image properties in high-resolution single-shot echo-planar DTIJärmann, Thomas; Pruessmann, Klaas; Valavanis, A.; Kollias, S.; Boesiger, Peter
2005Ventricular myocardial architecture as visualised in postmortem swine hearts using magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imagingSchmid, Peter; Järmann, Thomas; Boesiger, Peter; Niederer, Peter; Lunkenheimer, Paul P., et al
2005Attention and interhemispheric transfer : a behavioral and fMRI studyWeber, B.; Treyer, V.; Oberholzer, N.; Järmann, Thomas; Boesiger, P., et al
2005Diffusion tensor imaging and fiber tractography in the human brainBösinger, Peter; Valavanis, Anton; Järmann, Thomas
2005Effects of memory consolidation on human hippocampal activity during retrievalBosshardt, Simone; Schmidt, Conny F.; Järmann, Thomas; Degonda, Nadia; Boesiger, Peter, et al
2004SENSE-DTI at 3 TJärmann, Thomas; Crelier, G.; Pruessmann, K.P.; Golay, X.; Netsch, T., et al
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