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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
25-Dec-2003Density-driven instabilities of miscible fluids in a capillary tube : linear stability analysisVanaparthy, Surya Harith; Meiburg, E.; Wilhelm, Dirk
8-Dec-2003Simulating electronic and optical processes in multilayer organic light-emitting devicesRuhstaller, Beat; Beierlein, T. A.; Riel, H.; Karg, S.; Scott, J. C., et al
26-Aug-2003Thickness-dependent changes in the optical properties of PPV- and PF-based polymer light emitting diodesLeger, J. M.; Carter, S. A.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Nothofer, H.-G.; Scherf, Ullrich, et al
25-Jul-2003Computational analysis of the two-dimensionalthree-dimensional transition in forward-facing step flowWilhelm, Dirk; Härtel, Carlos; Kleiser, Leonhard
2-Jun-2003Investigation of internal processes in organic light-emitting devices using thin sensing layersBeierlein, T. A.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Gundlach, D. J.; Riel, H.; Karg, S., et al
25-May-2003Efficient simulation of fuel cell stacks with the volume averaging methodRoos, Markus; Batawi, Emad; Harnisch, Urs; Hocker, Thomas
8-May-2003Echtzeit und Determinismus mit EthernetScheitlin, Hans
15-Jan-2003Phosphorescent top-emitting organic light-emitting devices with improved light outcouplingRiel, H.; Karg, S.; Beierlein, T.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Riess, W.
2003Der Einsatz von Ethernet in der (Gebäude-) Automation : Theorie und PraxisScheitlin, Hans; Staub, Richard
2003Revealing predictive gene clusters with supervised algorithmsDettling, Marcel
2003Macro-level modelling of product linesHeitz, Christoph
2003Approximative modelling of manufacturing systemsHeitz, Christoph
2003Raman scattering study of electronic correlations in cuprates : observation of an unconventional metal insulator transitionGross, Rudolf L.; Kinder, Helmut; Venturini, Francesca
2003CAD/CAM software for an industrial laser manufacturing toolStassen Böhlen, Ines; Fieret, Jim; Holmes, Andrew S.; Lee, Kin W.
2003Influence of the microstructure of the catalyst layer on the performance of the PEMFC cathodeFontes, Ed; Byrne, Phil; Schumacher, Jürgen; Vasileiades, N.; Parhammer, O., et al
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