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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
23-Jan-2019Determination of model structure from flight test with generalized additive modelsMonstein, Raphael; Capone, Pierluigi; Dettling, Marcel
2019Feedback-based integration of the whole process of data anonymization in a graphical interfaceMeindl, Bernhard; Templ, Matthias
Jan-2019Free open reference implementation of a two-phase PEM fuel cell modelVetter, Roman; Schumacher, Jürgen
2019A mixed-method empirical study of Function-as-a-Service software development in industrial practiceLeitner, Philipp; Wittern, Erik; Spillner, Josef; Hummer, Waldemar
2019Minimally-invasive method for the point-of-care quantification of lymphatic vessel functionPolomska, Anna K.; Proulx, Steven T.; Brambilla, Davide; Fehr, Daniel; Bonmarin, Mathias, et al
2019Intelligent shoes powered by energy harvestingGruber, Juan-Mario; Stahel, Andreas
2019Statistik für die Pflege : Handbuch für Pflegeforschung und PflegewissenschaftMüller, Marianne
2019Challenges and approaches with data-driven services for SMEs : insights from a field studyMeierhofer, Jürg; Kugler, Petra; Etschmann, Roman
2019Towards sustainable ecosystems for cloud functionsBogado-Sarubbi, Yessica; Benitez-Davalos, Walter; Spillner, Josef; Lopez-Pires, Fabio
2019Extensible declarative management of cloud resources across providersSerhiienko, Oleksii; Gkikopoulos, Panagiotis; Spillner, Josef
2019Energy yield prediction of a bifacial PV system with a miniaturized test arrayNussbaumer, Hartmut; Klenk, Markus; Morf, Marco; Nicolas, Keller
2019Breaking : password entry is finePidel, Catie Jo; Neuhaus, Stephan
2019Future technologies in the EU transport sector and beyond : an outlook of 2020–2035Tromaras, Alkiviadis; Aggelakakis, Aggelos; Hoppe, Merja; Trachsel, Thomas; Anoyrkati, Eleni
2019Public value creation in a smart city context - an analysis frameworkNeuroni, Alessia C.; Haller, Stephan; van Winden, Willem; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente; Yildirim, Onur
2019Smart Sustainable Cities : Innovationen für mehr LebensqualitätCarabias-Hütter, Vicente; West, Mirjam; Yildirim, Onur; Musiolik, Jörg
Results 46-60 of 2547 (Search time: 0.056 seconds).