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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
28-Oct-2022Physics informed deep learning for tracker fault detection in photovoltaic power plantsZgraggen, Jannik; Guo, Yuyan; Notaristefano, Antonio; Goren Huber, Lilach
Aug-2022Ultra low temperature microturbine for magic angle spinning systemHerzog, Nicoleta; Weber, Alexander Séverin; Purea, Armin; Osen, David; Knott, Benno, et al
29-Jul-2022Self-ordering in the dynamics of forming periodic 1D-structures controlled by external irradiationGorshkov, Vyacheslav N.; Tereshchuk, Volodymyr V.; Bereznykov, Oleksii V.; Boiger, Gernot K.; Fallah, Arash S.
23-Jun-2022Scaling-up deep learning based predictive maintenance for commercial machine fleets : a case studyGoren Huber, Lilach
Jun-2022Predictive Maintenance mit Physics-Informed-Deep-Learning : Anwendungsfall PhotovoltaikanlagenGoren Huber, Lilach; Notaristefano, Antonio
Jun-2022High-frequency mode shape dependent flame-acoustic interactions in reheat flamesMcClure, Jonathan; Bothien, Mirko; Sattelmayer, Thomas
2022Automated identification and qualitative characterization of safety concerns reported in UAV software platformsDi Sorbo, Andrea; Zampetti, Fiorella; Visaggio, Corrado A.; Di Penta, Massimiliano; Panichella, Sebastiano
2022Delay identification in thermoacousticsGant, Francesco; Ghirardo, Giulio; Cuquel, Alexis; Bothien, Mirko
2022The effect of hydrogen enrichment, flame-flame interaction, confinement, and asymmetry on the acoustic response of a model can combustorÆsøy, Eirik; Indlekofer, Thomas; Gant, Francesco; Cuquel, Alexis; Bothien, Mirko, et al
2022Paths in a network of polydisperse spherical dropletsSchneider, Johannes Josef; Faggian, Alessia; Holler, Silvia; Casiraghi, Federica; Li, Jin, et al
18-Dec-2021Analysis of pressure drop and blast pressure leakage of passive air blast safety valves : an experimental and numerical studyBrenner, Lorenz; Jenni, Christian; Guyer, Flurin; Stähli, Patrick; Eberlein, Robert, et al
Nov-2021Froid de confort – aujourd’hui : solutions intelligentes pour un climat intérieur agréableBrunner, Arnold; Kriegers, Michael; Prochaska, Vladimir; Tillenkamp, Frank
Nov-2021Refrigeration machine modeling for exergy-based performance and optimization potential evaluation of chillers in real field plantsBrenner, Lorenz; Tillenkamp, Frank; Ghiaus, Christian
16-Sep-2021Delay identification in thermoacousticsGant, Francesco; Ghirardo, Giulio; Cuquel, Alexis; Bothien, Mirko
16-Sep-2021Acoustic-convective interference in transfer functions of methane/hydrogen and pure hydrogen flamesÆsøy, Eirik; Aguilar, José G.; Bothien, Mirko; Worth, Nicholas A.; Dawson, James R.
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