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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Dec-2022Improving NL-to-Query systems through re-ranking of semantic hypothesisvon Däniken, Pius; Deriu, Jan Milan; Agirre, Eneko; Brunner, Ursin; Cieliebak, Mark, et al
28-Oct-2022Physics informed deep learning for tracker fault detection in photovoltaic power plantsZgraggen, Jannik; Guo, Yuyan; Notaristefano, Antonio; Goren Huber, Lilach
8-Oct-2022Cloud native robotic applications with GPU sharing on KubernetesToffetti, Giovanni; Militano, Leonardo; Murphy, Seán; Maurer, Remo; Straub, Mark
9-Sep-2022Editorial: Artificial intelligence in finance and industry: Highlights from 6 European COST conferencesHenrici, Andreas; Osterrieder, Jörg
5-Sep-2022Making sense of the natural environmentvon der Malsburg, Christoph; Grewe, Benjamin F.; Stadelmann, Thilo
19-Aug-2022Unsupervised domain adaptation for vertebrae detection and identification in 3D CT volumes using a domain sanity lossSager, Pascal; Salzmann, Sebastian; Burn, Felice; Stadelmann, Thilo
4-Jul-2022Uncertainty informed anomaly scores with deep learning : robust fault detection with limited dataZgraggen, Jannik; Pizza, Gianmarco; Goren Huber, Lilach
Jul-2022Extraction of physicochemical properties from the fluorescence spectrum with 1D convolutional neural networks : application to olive oilVenturini, Francesca; Sperti, Michela; Michelucci, Umberto; Gucciardi, Arnaud; Martos, Vanessa M., et al
23-Jun-2022Scaling-up deep learning based predictive maintenance for commercial machine fleets : a case studyGoren Huber, Lilach
23-Jun-2022Security and safety aspects of AI in industry applicationsDoran, Hans Dermot
21-Jun-2022Convolutional neural nets with hyperparameter optimization and feature importance for power system static security assessmentRamirez Gonzalez, Miguel; Segundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Korba, Petr; Castellanos-Bustamante, Rafael
9-Jun-2022Deep learning-based simultaneous multi-phase deformable image registration of sparse 4D-CBCTHerzig, Ivo; Paysan, Pascal; Scheib, Stefan; Züst, Alexander; Schilling, Frank-Peter, et al
3-Jun-2022Towards a governance framework for brain dataIenca, Marcello; Fins, Joseph J.; Jox, Ralf J.; Jotterand, Fabrice; Voeneky, Silja, et al
Jun-2022Predictive Maintenance mit Physics-Informed-Deep-Learning : Anwendungsfall PhotovoltaikanlagenGoren Huber, Lilach; Notaristefano, Antonio
31-May-2022Real time motion tracking for augmented reality with TOF camera and vulkan renderingWegmann, Marcel
Results 1-15 of 234 (Search time: 0.009 seconds).