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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
14-Feb-2022Determining non-radiative decay rates in TADF compounds using coupled transient and steady state optical dataSem, Stefano; Jenatsch, Sandra; Stavrou, Kleitos; Danos, Andrew; Monkman, Andrew P., et al
20-Jan-2022Assessment of photon recycling in perovskite solar cells by fully coupled optoelectronic simulationZeder, Simon; Ruhstaller, Beat; Aeberhard, Urs
2022Pinpointing the origin of the increased driving voltage during prolonged operation in a phosphorescent OLED based on an exciplex hostRegnat, Markus; Moon, Chang-Ki; Jenatsch, Sandra; Ruhstaller, Beat; Pernstich, Kurt P.
3-Sep-2021Detailed explanation of the increased driving voltage in a TADF exciplex host OLED during prolonged operation via a quantitative device modelRegnat, M.; Pernstich, K. P.; Jenatsch, S.; Ruhstaller, B.
Aug-2021Advanced characterization and device simulation towards better understanding of OLED degradation mechanismsRegnat, M.; Jenatsch, S.; Züfle, S.; Pernstich, K. P.; Ruhstaller, B.
9-Jun-2021XGBoost trained on synthetic data to extract material parameters of organic semiconductorsKnapp, Evelyne; Battaglia, Mattia; Stadelmann, Thilo; Jenatsch, Sandra; Ruhstaller, Beat
10-May-2021Reconciliation of dipole emission with detailed balance rates for the simulation of luminescence and photon recycling in perovskite solar cellsAeberhard, Urs; Zeder, Simon; Ruhstaller, Beat
May-2021Optimizing charge transport and reducing excitonic loss channels in fluorescent doped TADF OLEDsHäusermann, Roger; Jenatsch, Sandra; Leganés Carballo, Jaime; Sharifidehsari, Hamed; Blülle, Balthasar, et al
Feb-2021Combining steady‐state, frequency, and time domain data for a comprehensive analysis of multilayer TADF OLEDsJenatsch, Sandra; Züfle, Simon; Blülle, Balthasar; Ruhstaller, Beat
2021Sinusoidal small-signal (AC) and steady-state (DC) analysis of large-area solar cellsComi, Ennio; Knapp, Evelyne; Weidmann, Stefano; Kirsch, Christoph; Jenatsch, Sandra, et al
2021Photon recycling in perovskite solar cells assessed by a detailed-balance compatible dipole emission modelAeberhard, Urs; Zeder, Simon J.; Ruhstaller, Beat
2021Rigorous simulation of photon recycling effects in perovskite solar cells and LEDsAeberhard, Urs; Zeder, Simon; Ruhstaller, Beat
Oct-2020Finite element modeling for analysis of electroluminescence and infrared images of thin-film solar cellsDiethelm, Matthias; Penninck, Lieven; Regnat, Markus; Offermans, Ton; Zimmermann, Birger, et al
Sep-2020Analysis and optimization of perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells by full opto-electronic simulationAeberhard, Urs; Häusermann, Roger; Schiller, Andreas; Blülle, Balthasar; Ruhstaller, Beat
Aug-2020Simulation of beam shaping by micro‐textures for curved displaysAeberhard, Urs; Hiestand, Roman; Ruhstaller, Beat
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