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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1994-11On the dimensions of automorphism groups of eight-dimensional ternary fields IIBödi, Richard
1994-10Charakterisierung texturierter Silicium-SolarzellenKeine Angabe; Schumacher, Jürgen
1994-03Differentiability of continuous homomorphisms between smooth loopsBödi, Richard; Kramer, Linus
1994-02Fast algorithms for computing and displaying dose-distributions in tomogram-oriented brachy-radiotherapyBödi, Richard; Kaulich, Th.W.
1994On the dimensions of automorphism groups of eight-dimensional double loopsBödi, Richard
1994-01On the dimensions of automorphism groups of four-dimensional double loopsBödi, Richard
1994Zustandsregler in GebäudeleitsystemenGlattfelder, A. H.; Büchi, Roland; Farruggio, David
1994Mini-Wechselrichter für direkten Netzanschluss 230 V von Solarmodulenvon Bergen, Ch.; Müller, Ph.; Crastan, V.; Hochreutener, Hanspeter
1994Integration von Photovoltaik-Stromgeneratoren in die GebäudehülleHochreutener, Hanspeter; Gnos, Stefan; Posnansky, Mario
1994LPE-GaAs and LBSF-Si solar cells for tandem concentrator applicationBlieske, Ulf; Sterk, Steffen; Bett, Andreas; Schumacher, Jürgen; Wettling, Wolfram; Marti, A.; Terron, M. J.; Luque, A.
1993-12Field-scale solute transport : spatially interpolating the parameters of a transfer function modelHosang, Jürg
1993-10Modelling preferential flow of water in soils : a two-phase approach for field conditionsHosang, Jürg
1993Automorphism groups of locally compact connected double loops are locally compactBödi, Richard
1993Automorphism groups of differentiable double loopsBödi, Richard
1993Tables for an effective enumeration of real representations of quasi-simple Lie groupsBödi, Richard; Joswig, Michael
Results 2386-2400 of 2417 (Search time: 0.018 seconds).