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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014Northern hemispheric winter warming pattern after tropical volcanic eruptions : sensitivity to the ozone climatologyMuthers, S.; Anet, J.G.; Raible, C. C.; Brönnimann, S.; Rozanov, E.; Arfeuille, F.; Peter, T.; Shapiro, A. I.; Beer, J.; Steinhilber, F.; Brugnara, Y.; Schmutz, W.
2014Metric regularity in nonlinear semidefinite programmingFusek, Peter
2014From forces of nature to the physics of dynamical systemsVenturini, Francesca; Dumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Maurer, Werner
2014On two optimal control problems for magnetic fieldsNicaise, Serge; Stingelin, Simon; Tröltzsch, Fredi
2014From hierarchies to well-foundednessFlumini, Dandolo; Sato, Kentaro
2014From image schemas to narrative structures in sciencesFuchs, Hans Ulrich
12-Apr-2013Stratospheric ozone levels and their role for the dynamic response to volcanic eruptionsMuthers, Stefan; Anet, Julien G.; Raible, Christoph C.; Brönnimann, Stefan; Arfeuille, Florian; Peter, Tom; Rozanov, Eugene; Shapiro, Alexander; Beer, Juerg; Steinhilber, Friedhelm; Brugnara, Yuri; Schmutz, Werner
Mar-2013Three-integral multi-component dynamical models and simulations of the nuclear star cluster in NGC 4244De Lorenzi, Flavio; Hartmann, Markus; Debattista, Victor P.; Seth, Anil C.; Gerhard, Ortwin
Feb-2013Algorithms for highly symmetric linear and integer programsBödi, Richard; Herr, Katrin; Joswig, Michael
2013Decomposition of large-scale crew rostering problemsJanner, Gabriele; Klinkert, Andreas
2013From the past to the future: influences of solar variability and volcanic activity on Earth's climatePeter, Thomas; Wanner, Heinz; Rozanov, E.; Anet, Julien Gérard
2013Korrelation von Licht- und Elektronenmikroskopie sowie weiteren AnalysemethodenScherrer, Christof; Jung, Arnd
2013Forcing of stratospheric chemistry and dynamics during the Dalton MinimumAnet, J. G.; Muthers, S.; Rozanov, E.; Raible, C. C.; Peter, T.; Stenke, A.; Shapiro, A. I.; Beer, J.; Steinhilber, F.; Brönnimann, S.; Arfeuille, F.; Brugnara, Y.; Schmutz, W.
2013Impact of a potential 21st century “grand solar minimum” on surface temperatures and stratospheric ozoneAnet, Julien G.; Rozanov, E. V.; Muthers, S.; Peter, T.; Brönnimann, S.; Arfeuille, F.; Beer, J.; Shapiro, A. I.; Raible, C. C.; Steinhilber, F.; Schmutz, W. K.
2013Multi-step-ahead estimation of time series modelsMcElroy, Tucker; Wildi, Marc
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