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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Mit Observer und Symbolic Representation den Overhead der IoT-Kommunikation reduzierenLeibundgut, Prosper; Doran, Hans
2016Lockstep Prozessoren in FPGAs implementierenIdrizi, Gazmen; Doran, Hans; Zapke, Michael
2016Towards an observatory for network transparency researchNeuhaus, Stephan; Müntener, Roman; Edeline, Korian; Donnet, Benoit; Gubser, Elio
2016Operationalization of an ISO 31000-compliant resilience engineering method, applied to the temperature control in a smart buildingLopez de Obeso, Luis; Mock, Ralf Günter; Zipper, Christian
2016A Wi-Fi direct system architecture for proximity-based applicationsMazloumian, Amin; Rosenthal, Matthias
2016Efficient exploitation of mobile edge computing for virtualized 5G in EPC architecturesEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
20164K HEVC video processing with GPU optimization on Jetson TX1Kammacher, Tobias; Frei, Matthias; Gelke, Hans-Joachim
2016General purpose processing using embedded GPUs : a study of latency and his variation.Rosenthal, Matthias; Mazloumian, Amin
2016Service platform for the exchange of services with developing countriesHutter, Hans-Peter; Ahlenstorf, Andreas; Klammer, Julia; Van den Anker, Fred; Wiedmer, Adrian
2016Online sequential extreme learning machines for fault detectionHu, Yang; Fink, Olga; Palme, Thomas
2016Two machine learning approaches for short-term wind speed time-series predictionAk, Ronay; Fink, Olga; Zio, Enrico
2016Monitoring of building constructions with passive RFID technologyBrunner, Basil; Küng, Roland; Strässler, Daniel
2016Datenlogger für die Kühlkette : Energy-Harvesting zum Aufladen des Akkus in einem RFID-Sensor-LabelFurrer, Lukas; Küng, Roland
2016Using mobile processors for general purpose industrial signal processingGelke, Hans-Joachim; Rosenthal, Matthias; Kammacher, Tobias; Mazloumian, Amin
2016Time-sensitive networking : the real-time ethernet by the IEEE 802Weibel, Hans
Results 46-60 of 247 (Search time: 0.013 seconds).