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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Streaming speech and music using bluetooth low energyMeli, Marcel; Rion, Olivier
2015Wireless sensing using LEDs as very low-cost energy harvestersMeli, Marcel; Roth, Niklas; Gutzwiller, Pius
4-Dec-2014Unten Standard – oben proprietär : eine Übersicht über verschiedene Embedded-Wireless-Technologien – Beitrag 6/6Hegetschweiler, Lukas; Meli, Marcel
Nov-2014Efficiently harvesting energy from temperature differences in order to power wireless systemsMeli, Marcel; Dillersberger, Harald
12-Jun-2014Proprietär oder doch lieber Standard? : eine Übersicht über verschiedene Embedded-Wireless-Technologien – Beitrag 3/6Meli, Marcel; Gutzwiller, Pius
2014Comparing the energy requirements of current Bluetooth Smart solutionsBernegger, Jachen; Meli, Marcel
2014Traffic analyzer front-end for complex IEEE 802.15.4 applicationsDündar, Dario; Hegetschweiler, Lukas; Meli, Marcel
2014BLE compatible low power window sensor for energy managementRion, Olivier; Meli, Marcel
7-Nov-2013Low power window detector for ZigBee home automation applicationsMeli, Marcel; Rion, Olivier
27-Aug-2013Energieverbrauch von verschiedene Bluetooth Smart VariantenBernegger, Jachen; Meli, Marcel
27-Aug-2013Emulating complex HF-RFID protocols for identity and sensingRion, Olivier; Meli, Marcel; Hutzler, Markus
28-Feb-2013Using Bluetooth Smart with energy harvestingMeli, Marcel; Kizhakenath, Abhilash; Beerli, Urs
2013Bluetooth low energy everywhere : using the audio interface to bring Ble features to any smart phoneMeli, Marcel; Truninger, Dominique; Rüst, Andreas; Häring, Benjamin
2013Accelerometer-based wireless remote control powered with harvested energyMeli, Marcel
28-Jun-2012Using FRAM in battery - less 802.15.4/zigBee applicationsMeli, Marcel; Da Silva, Marcel
Results 16-30 of 33 (Search time: 0.008 seconds).