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2009Banking and climate change- opportunities and risks : an analysis of climate strategies in more than 100 banks worldwideFurrer, Bettina; Swoboda, Marion; Hoffmann, Volker H.
2009Empirical behavior of a world stock index from intra-day to monthly time scalesBreymann, Wolfgang; Lüthi, David; Platen, Eckhard
2009Best practices in system-oriented aspects for multilingual information access applicationsBraschler, Martin
2009A new neighborhood and tabu search for the blocking job shopGröflin, Heinz; Klinkert, Andreas
2009Fliegende FilmrolleBüchi, Roland
2009Audio/Video Bridging : das Realtime-Ethernetprotokoll des IEEE 802Weibel, Hans
2009A novel approach for biomathematical modelling to predict treatment response for combined radiotherapy modalities in vivoScheidegger, Stephan; Lutters, Gerd; Bodis, Stephan
2009Production planning in the process industry : a highly flexible planning instrument based on combinatorial optimizationGröflin, Heinz; Klinkert, Andreas
2009ERAWATCH country report 2009 : analysis of policy mixes to foster R&D investment and to contribute to the ERA - GermanyNill, Jan; Landwehr, Amrie; Carabias, Vicente; Carat, Gérard
2009Dem Rückenschmerz ein Gesicht gebenMüller, Urs; Mannion, Anne F.; Wieser, Simon; Tamcan, Özgür; Ruckstuhl, Andreas; Elfering, Achim; Eisenring, Claudia; Schmidhauser, Sara; Horisberger, Bruno
2009Ist die IT als Kostenstelle richtig bilanziert?Liebhart, Daniel
2009Schnittstellen sind ein AlptraumLiebhart, Daniel
2009Cell-seeded polyurethane-fibrin structures : a possible system for intervertebral disc regenerationMauth, C; Bono, Epifania; Haas, S; Paesold, G.; Wiese, H.; Maier, G.; Boos, N.; Graf-Hausner, Ursula
2009SOA – ein Trend, der sich auch rechnet?Liebhart, Daniel
2009Trends in der Programmierung : was bringt konkreten Nutzen?Liebhart, Daniel
Results 31-45 of 590 (Search time: 0.008 seconds).