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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2004Silicone nanolayersHirayama, Martina
2004Coupled ion and network dynamics in polymer electrolytes : Monte Carlo study of a lattice modelDürr, Oliver; Dieterich, W.; Nitzan, A.
2004Multiparameter microscopy and spectroscopy for single-molecule analyticsPrummer, Michael; Sick, Beate; Renn, Alois; Wild, Urs P.
2003Three-dimensional optical polarization tomography of single moleculesPrummer, Michael; Sick, Beate; Hecht, Bert; Wild, Urs P.
2002Effective medium theory of conduction in stretched polymer electrolytesDürr, Oliver; Dieterich, Wolfgang; Nitzan, Abraham
2002Diffusion in polymer electrolytes and the dynamic percolation modelDürr, Oliver; Dieterich, Wolfgang; Nitzan, Abraham
5-Oct-2001Dynamic percolation theory for particle diffusion in a polymer networkDürr, Oliver; Volz, Thomas; Dieterich, Wolfgang; Nitzan, Abraham
2000Correction of specimen absorption in X-ray diffuse scattering experiments with area-detector systemsScheidegger, Stephan; Estermann, Michael Alexander; Steurer, Steurer
2000Coatings with siloxane layers in nanoscale thickness : hydrophobization, adhesion promotion, corrosion protectionHirayama, Martina; Caseri, Walter; Suter, Ulrich
2000Activated poly(hydromethylsiloxane)s as novel adhesion promoters for metallic surfacesHirayama, Martina; Soares, Marie; Caseri, Walter; Suter, Ulrich; Goussev, Olga
2000Single-molecule identification by spectrally and time-resolved fluorescence detectionPrummer, Michael; Hübner, Christian G.; Sick, Beate; Hecht, Bert; Renn, Alois, et al
2000Scanning near-field optical microscopy with aperture probes : fundamentals and applicationsHecht, Bert; Sick, Beate; Wild, Urs P.; Deckert, Volker; Zenobi, Renato, et al
Results 16-27 of 27 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).