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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2005Simulation numérique des phénomènes thermiques et magnétohydrodynamiques dans une cellule de hall-héroultRappaz, Jacques; Safa, Yasser
2005Determination and influence of the ledge shape on electrical potential and fluid motion in a smelterSafa, Yasser
2005Cuve de hall-héroult en thermomagnétohydrodynamiqueSafa, Yasser
2005Numerical simulations of thermo-magneto-hydrodynamic phenomenaSafa, Yasser
Mar-2004Three-dimensional spectral element simulations of variable density and viscosity, miscible displacements in a capillary tubeWilhelm, Dirk; Meiburg, Eckart
2004FE-Modellierung von BrennstoffzellenHocker, Thomas; Heinzelmann, Elsbeth
2004Density-driven instabilities of variable-viscosity miscible fluids in a capillary tubeMeiburg, Eckart; Vanaparthy, Surya H.; Payr, Matthias D.; Wilhelm, Dirk
2004Thermal calculations of reduction cells coupled with magnetohydrodynamic effectSafa, Yasser
2004Dynamical-system models of transport : chaos characteristics, the macroscopic limit, and irreversibilityVollmer, Jürgen; Tél, Tamás; Breymann, Wolfgang
2004Dirichlet-to-Neumann boundary conditions for multiple scattering problemsGrote, Marcus J.; Kirsch, Christoph
25-Dec-2003Density-driven instabilities of miscible fluids in a capillary tube : linear stability analysisVanaparthy, Surya Harith; Meiburg, E.; Wilhelm, Dirk
25-Jul-2003Computational analysis of the two-dimensionalthree-dimensional transition in forward-facing step flowWilhelm, Dirk; Härtel, Carlos; Kleiser, Leonhard
25-May-2003Efficient simulation of fuel cell stacks with the volume averaging methodRoos, Markus; Batawi, Emad; Harnisch, Urs; Hocker, Thomas
2003Measuring and modeling supercritical adsorption in porous solids : carbon dioxide on 13X zeolite and on silica gelHocker, Thomas; Rajendran, Arvind; Mazzotti, Marco
2003Mikro- und Nanotechnologie am Center for Computational PhysicsHocker, Thomas; Sartoris, Guido; Ruhstaller, Beat; Haller, Thomas; Schwarzenbach, Hansueli
Results 16-30 of 54 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).