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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
19-Oct-2020How to collect current usage data outside the laboratoryBaumann, Patrick
Oct-2020The DeepScoresV2 dataset and benchmark for music object detectionTuggener, Lukas; Satyawan, Yvan Putra; Pacha, Alexander; Schmidhuber, Jürgen; Stadelmann, Thilo
Oct-2020Dynamic group key agreement for resource-constrained devices using blockchainsTaçyıldız, Yaşar Berkay; Ermiş, Orhan; Gür, Gürkan; Alagöz, Fatih
Oct-2020Item analysis of the KIDSCREEN-10 using Rasch modellingMüller, Marianne; Haenni Hoti, Andrea
25-Sep-2020A logic of blockchain updatesBrünnler, Kai; Flumini, Dandolo; Studer, Thomas
15-Sep-2020Holistic view on cell survival and DNA damage : how model-based data analysis supports exploration of dynamics in biological systemsWeyland, Mathias S.; Thumser-Henner, Pauline; Nytko, Katarzyna J.; Rohrer Bley, Carla; Ulzega, Simone, et al
13-Sep-2020An empirical investigation of relevant changes and automation needs in modern code reviewPanichella, Sebastiano; Zaugg, Nik
8-Sep-2020Negative capacitance in perovskite solar cellsTress, Wolfgang; Ebadi Garjan, Firouzeh
8-Sep-2020Scheduling jobs with a V-shaped time-dependent processing timeSedding, Helmut A.
2-Sep-2020Function- and weight-optimized gear components by Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)Zumofen, Livia; Dennig, Hans-Jörg; Kirchheim, Andreas; Stierli, Daniel; Waldburger, Michael Christoph, et al
2-Sep-2020How (not) to measure bias in face recognition networksGlüge, Stefan; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Flumini, Dandolo; Stadelmann, Thilo
2-Sep-2020Enabling automated post-processing for Additive Manufacturing using integrated bolts for clamping and handlingSchüssel, Marcel; Ferchow, Julian; Kirchheim, Andreas; Hofer, Martin
2-Sep-2020Understanding transient optoelectronic measurements and operation of perovskite solar cellsTress, Wolfgang; Wang, Zishuai; Ebadi Garjan, Firouzeh
Sep-2020Collaboration in virtual and augmented reality : a systematic overviewPidel, Catlin; Ackermann, Philipp
1-Sep-2020Additive manufactured and topology optimized flexpin for planetary gearsHöller, Anton; Zumofen, Livia; Kirchheim, Andreas; Dinner, Hanspeter; Dennig, Hans-Jörg
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