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2019Preference of birth mode and postnatal health related quality of life after one previous caesarean section in three European countriesFobelets, Maaike; Beeckman, Katrien; Buyl, Ronald; Healy, Patricia; Grylka, Susanne; Nicoletti, Jane; Canepa, Matilde; Devane, Declan; Gross, Mechthild Maria; Morano, Sandra; Daly, Deirdre; Begley, Cecily; Putman, Koen
2018Risikofaktoren und Betreuung einer TotgeburtFischer, Friederike; Gross, Mechthild Maria
2017Postpartale Lebensqualität beurteilenGrylka, Susanne; van Teijlingen, E.; Gross, Mechthild Maria
2017Chancen und Herausforderungen von Studienhebammen am Beispiel der OptiBIRTH-StudieGrylka, Susanne; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica; Gross, Mechthild Maria
2017Postnatal quality of life : domains and changes identified from the Mother-Generated IndexGrylka, Susanne; Meyer, Thorsten; Lengler, Luise; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica; van Teijlingen, Edwin; Gross, Mechthild Maria
2017Mode of birth and postnatal health-related quality of life after one previous cesarean in three European countriesFobelets, Maaike; Beeckman, Katrien; Buyl, Ronald; Daly, Déirdre; Sinclair, Marlene; Healy, Patricia; Grylka, Susanne; Nicoletti, Jane; Gross, Mechthild Maria; Morano, Sandra; Putman, Koen
Jun-2016Nationales Gesundheitsziel „Gesundheit rund um die Geburt“Gross, Mechthild Maria
2016Stillbirths : recall to action in high-income countriesFlenady, Vicki; Wojcieszek, Aleena M.; Middleton, Philippa; Ellwood, David; Jaap Erwich, Jan; Coory, Michael; Khong, T Yee; Silver, Robert M.; Smith, Gordon C. S.; Boyle, Frances M.; Law, Joy E.; Blencowe, Hannah; Hopkins Leisher, Susannah; Gross, Mechthild Maria; Horey, Dell; Farrales, Lynn; Bloomfield, Frank; McCowan, Lesley; Brown, Stephanie J.; Joseph, K. S.; Zeitlin, Jennifer; Reinebrant, Hanna E.; Ravaldi, Claudia; Vannacci, Alfredo; Cassidy, Jillian; Cassidy, Paul; Farquhar, Cindy; Wallace, Euan; Siassakos, Dimitrios; Heazell, Alexander E. P.; Storey, Claire; Sadler, Lynn; Petersen, Scott; Frøen, J. Frederik; Goldenberg, Robert L.
2016Cross-cultural development and psychometric evaluation of a measure to assess fear of childbirth prior to pregnancyStoll, Kathrin; Hauck, Yvonne; Downe, Soo; Edmonds, Joyce; Gross, Mechthild Maria; Malott, Anne; McNiven, Patricia; Swift, Emma; Thomson, Gillian; Hall, Wendy A.
2016Biomedicine content, activities, objectives and birth cohortsGross, Mechthild Maria; Calleja, A.J.
2015Zuversichtlich der Geburt entgegenschauenSchmidt, G.; Stoll, K.; Gross, Mechthild Maria
2015Redesigning German maternity records : results from a pilot studyGross, Mechthild Maria; Schling, S.; Wiemer, A.; Bernloehr, A.; Vetter, K.; Peter, C.
2015Translation and validation of the German version of the Mother-Generated Index and its application during the postnatal periodGrylka, Susanne; Teijlingen, Edwinvan; Stoll, Kathrin; Gross, Mechthild Maria
2015Brauchen Hebammen ein Masterstudium?Bernloehr, A.; Grylka, Susanne; Gross, Mechthild Maria
2014Outcome measures in studies on the use of oxytocin for the treatment of delay in labour : a systematic reviewBegley, Cecily M.; Gross, Mechthild Maria; Dencker, Anna; Benstoem, Carina; Berg, Marie; Devane, Declan
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