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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
25-Jan-2020High-intensity interval training affects physical components of quality of life and skills in daily activities in multiple sclerosis : interim analysis of a randomized controlled trialProschinger, Sebastian; Weise, Andrea; Gonzenbach, Roman; Bansi, Jens, et al
1-Jun-2019Energiemanagement-Schulung bei Fatigue in der ErgotherapieHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea
2019"Together on the way" : occupational therapy in mainstream education : a narrative study of emerging practice in SwitzerlandEchsel, Angelika; Price, Lee; Josephsson, Staffan; Schulze, Christina
2019Occupational therapy practice in mainstream schools : results from an online survey in SwitzerlandKaelin, Vera C.; Ray-Kaeser, Sylvie; Moioli, Stefania; Kocher Stalder, Cornelia; Santinelli, Lietta; Echsel, Angelika; Schulze, Christina
29-Aug-2018Supporting and hindering environments for participation of adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder : a scoping reviewKrieger, Beate; Piškur, Barbara; Schulze, Christina; Jakobs, Uta; Beurskens, Anna; Moser, Albine
18-Aug-2018Music meets robotics : a prospective randomized study on motivation during robot aided therapyBaur, Kilian; Speth, Florina; Nagle, Aniket; Riener, Robert; Klamroth-Marganska, Verena
21-May-2018Intercontinental collaboration of research and education : experiences of the research project “Group Training Outcomes Measurement Study”Roos, Kim Caroline; Suter, Julia; Gubler Thomann, Ursula; Barnes, Mary; DeLorenzo, Christopher; Schatzberg, Sharan
May-2018Inpatient energy management education (IEME) for persons with MS-related fatigueHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
2-Jan-2018Are the school version of the assessment of motor and process skills measures valid for German-speaking children?Kaelin, Vera C.; van Hartingsveldt, Margo; Gantschnig, Brigitte E.; Fisher, Anne G.
2018"ERGO-Train" : Heimprogramm-App nach distaler Radiusfraktur. Ergotherapie & Informatik Hand in HandRocker, Sonja; Karlin, Stefan; Degen, Markus; Weise, Andrea
2018Inpatient energy-management education (IEME) in groups : a feasibility studyWeise, Andrea; Kool, Jan; Barbero, Marco; Michel, Gisela; Hersche, Ruth
2017Integrating occupational therapy specific assessments in practice : exploring practitioner experiencesAsaba, Eric; Nakamura, Mio; Asaba, Akie; Kottorp, Anders
2015Does the Role Checklist measure occupational participation?Bonsaksen, Tore; Meidert, Ursula; Schuman, Deana; Kvarsnes, Hildegunn; Haglund, Lena; Prior, Susan; Forsyth, Kirsty; Yamada, Takashi; Scott, Particia
Jul-2014Perceived difficulty in use of everyday technology in persons with acquired brain injury of different severity : a comparison with controlsFallahpour, Mandana; Kottorp, Anders; Nygård, Louise; Lund, Maria Larsson
2014Assessment of Motor and Process Skills AMPS : Erfahrungen aus Praxis und ForschungAegler, Barbara; Heigl, Franziska; Gantschnig, Brigitte Elisabeth
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