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4-Dec-2019The effects of exercise on cardiovascular disease risk factors and cardiovascular physiology in rheumatoid arthritisMetsios, George S.; Moe, R. H.; van der Esch, M.; van Zanten, J. J. C. S. Veldhuijzen; Fenton, S. A. M., et al
Jun-2019FRI0700-HPR lessons learnded from pilot implementation of physical activity recommendations in AXSPA exercise group therapy : less may be moreRausch Osthoff, Anne-Kathrin; Vlieland, Thea Vliet; Braem, René; Walker, Béatrice; Niedermann Schneider, Karin
13-May-2019Effective multicomponent-interventions on physical capacity, cognitive function and instrumental-activities-of-daily-living are not the same for elderly people with normal and mild-impaired-cognitionBruderer-Hofstetter, Marina; Rausch Osthoff, Anne-Kathrin; Meichtry, André; Münzer, Thomas; Niedermann Schneider, Karin
13-May-2019Effects of physical activity promotion : meta-analysis informing EULAR recommendations for physical activityRausch Osthoff, Anne-Kathrin; Bogh Juhl, Carsten; Knittle, Keegan; Dagfinrud, Hanne; Braun, Jürgen, et al
12-May-2019EULAR recommendations for physical activityRausch Osthoff, Anne-Kathrin; Niedermann Schneider, Karin, et al
2019Validation of the Chinese version of joint protection self-efficacy scale in patients with rheumatoid arthritisZhao, Wen H.; Zhang, Li X.; Liu, Chan X.; Niedermann Schneider, Karin; Yang, Han Z., et al
10-Sep-2018Effectiveness of multicomponent lower extremity injury prevention programmes in team-sport athletes : an umbrella reviewBrunner, Romana; Friesenbichler, Bernd; Casartelli, Nicola C; Bizzini, Mario; Maffiuletti, Nicola A, et al
13-Jul-2018Barriers and facilitators of vigorous cardiorespiratory training in axial Spondyloarthritis : surveys among patients, physiotherapists, rheumatologistsNiedermann Schneider, Karin; Nast, Irina; Ciurea, Adrian; Vliet Vlieland, Thea; van Bodegom-Vos, Leti
14-Jun-2018Psychometric testing of a german version of the evaluation of daily activityHammond, Alison; Niedermann Schneider, Karin; Tyson, Sarah; Tennant, Alan
May-201860plus : Förderfaktoren und Barrieren für die Teilnahme an einem BewegungsförderungsprogrammEberli-Kappeler, Ursula; Nast, Irina; Huber, Erika; Niedermann Schneider, Karin
May-2018Die Früherkennung von axialer SpondyloarthritisNiedermann Schneider, Karin; Tschupp, Katrin
May-2018Die Implementierung neuer ErkenntnisseNiedermann Schneider, Karin; van Bodegom-Vos, Leti
2018EULAR-Empfehlungen für Physical Activity 2018Niedermann Schneider, Karin
2018Umfrage bei Physio- und Ergotherapeuten zu Verständnis und Anwendung von PatientenedukationBeckmann-Fries, Vera; Gubler, Barbara; Niedermann Schneider, Karin
20182018 EULAR Bewegungsempfehlungen für RA, SpA und Arthrose BetroffeneNiedermann Schneider, Karin
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