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19-Oct-2020The politics of chronic LBP: can we rely on a proxy-vote? : linking multifidus intra-myo-cellular lipid (IMCL) fatty infiltration with arthrogenic muscle inhibition induced chronic non-specific low back painGabel, Charles Philip; Mokhtarinia, Hamid Reza; Melloh, Markus
15-Oct-2020New Public ManagementMeyer, Matthias
13-Oct-2020Digital maternal health booklets : do they help reaching migrant populationsZysset, Annina; Dratva, Julia
12-Oct-2020The Coping with and Caring for Infants with Special Needs intervention was associated with improved motor development in preterm infantsAkhbari Ziegler, Schirin; Rhein, Michael; Meichtry, André; Wirz, Markus; Hielkema, Tjitske, et al
12-Oct-2020Digital health information seeking of migrant populations : a scoping reviewZysset, Annina; Dratva, Julia
8-Oct-2020Die Bedeutung und Rolle der pflegenden AngehörigenFringer, André
Oct-2020Die Hebamme in der globalen WeltSchläppy, Franziska; Ammann-Fiechter, Silvia; Graf Heule, Petra
Oct-2020Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Amsterdam Instrumental Activities of Daily Living questionnaire short version German for SwitzerlandBruderer-Hofstetter, Marina; Dubbelman, Mark A.; Meichtry, André; Koehn, Florian; Münzer, Thomas, et al
1-Oct-2020Digitales Gesundheitsheft : SGPDratva, Julia
Oct-2020Sexualleben verändert sich nach der Geburt des ersten KindesGrylka, Susanne; Rahmani, Azam
Oct-2020Promoting children : recommendations for dealing with AD(H)D in the decision-making processWieber, Frank; Robin, Dominik; Neumann, Sascha; Schöbi, Dominik; Rüttimann, Dieter, et al
Oct-2020Selecting home care quality indicators for SwitzerlandWagner, Aylin; Schaffert, René; Zúñiga, Franziska; Dratva, Julia
30-Sep-2020Ten recommendations to foster mental health in children : systematic development of information materials for parents and pediatriciansZysset, Annina; Winogradow, Dana; Passalacqua, Silvia; Crameri, Aureliano; von Wyl, Agnes, et al
30-Sep-2020“Take care of yourself” : a psychoeducational tool for adolescents for the mental health promotion (MHP) in the pediatric primary care (PPC)Wieber, Frank; Passalacqua, Silvia; Crameri, Aureliano; Zysset, Annina; von Wyl, Agnes
30-Sep-2020The profile of an intercultural competence educator for healthcare and other professionsSchärli-Lim, Susan; de Lorenzo, Elena; Bønløkke, Mette; Bourkia, Petra; Filov, Izabela, et al
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