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2019Machen telefonische Nachgespräche die Hebammen zufriedener?Grylka, Susanne; Aeberli, Regula; Meier Käppeli, Barbara; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
2019Development of a questionnaire to determine incidence and attitudes to “voluntary stopping of eating and drinking”Stängle, Sabrina; Schnepp, Wilfried; Mezger, Mirjam; Büche, Daniel; Fringer, André
2019The impact of workplace ergonomics and neck-specific exercise versus ergonomics and health promotion interventions on office worker productivity : a cluster-randomized trialPereira, Michelle; Comans, Tracy; Sjøgaard, Gisela; Straker, Leon; Melloh, Markus; O’Leary, Shaun; Chen, Xiaoqi; Johnston, Venerina
2019Health effects of micronutrient fortified dairy products and cereal food for children and adolescents : a systematic reviewEichler, Klaus; Hess, Sascha; Twerenbold, Claudia; Sabatier, Magalie; Meier, Flurina; Wieser, Simon
2018-12-21Couples living with type 1 diabetes : an integrative review of the impacts on health and wellbeingMessina, A.; Due-Christensen, M.; Keller-Senn, Anita; Polek, E.; Fantini, M.P.; Sturt, J.
2018-12Lothar Loeffler : Erziehungsratschläge für Hebammen im Dritten ReichLoytved, Christine; Hauser, Regula
2018-11Das Infant Motor ProfileHadders-Algra, Mijna; Akhbari Ziegler, Schirin
2018-11Der Blick zum Säugling : gestört durch Smartphones?Maute, Monique; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica; Wade-Bohleber, Laura Maria; von Wyl, Agnes
2018-10-19Higher low back and neck pain in final year Swiss health professions’ students : worrying susceptibilities identified in a multi-centre comparison to the national populationCrawford, Rebecca J.; Volken, Thomas; Schaffert, René; Bucher, Thomas
2018-10-09Psychological antecedents of retirement planning : a systematic reviewKerry, Matthew J.
2018-10Intra and interrater reliability and clinical feasibility of a simple measure of cervical movement sense in patients with neck painWerner, Isabelle; Ernst, Markus; Treleaven, Julia; Crawford, Rebecca
2018-10Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft : „to drink a little or not to drink a little, that’s the new question“Simões-Wüst, Ana Paula; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
2018-09-18Structured organisation of postpartum care : benefits for families and midwivesGrylka, Susanne; Iglesias, Carolina; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
2018-09-07Bedarf von spezialisierter Palliativpflege : Untersuchung der Pflege- und Betreuungssituation in der Region ZürichArrer, E.; Waldboth, Veronika; Fringer, André
2018-09-03Frauenzentrierte Betreuung in Zürcher GeburtenabteilungenGrylka, Susanne; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
Results 1-15 of 354 (Search time: 0.011 seconds).