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19-Jun-2020On-site multi-component intervention to improve productivity and reduce the economic and personal burden of neck pain in Swiss office-workers (NEXpro) : protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trialAegerter, Andrea; Deforth, Manja; Johnston, Venerina; Ernst, Markus; Volken, Thomas; Luomajoki, Hannu; Brunner, Beatrice; Dratva, Julia; Sjøgaard, Gisela; Elfering, Achim; Melloh, Markus
26-Mar-2020Risks and benefits of web-based patient narratives : systematic reviewDrewniak, Daniel; Glässel, Andrea; Hodel, Martina; Biller-Andorno, Nikola
Mar-2020Electronic health literacy in Swiss-German parents : cross-sectional study of eHealth literacy scale unidimensionalityJuvalta, Sibylle; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Jaks, Rebecca; Baumann, Isabel; Dratva, Julia
4-Feb-2020Process evaluation of a workplace-based health promotion and exercise cluster-randomised trial to increase productivity and reduce neck pain in office workers : a RE-AIM approachWelch, Alyssa; Healy, Genevieve; Straker, Leon; Comans, Tracy; O'Leary, Shaun; Melloh, Markus; Sjøgaard, Gisela; Pereira, Michelle; Chen, Xiaoqi; Johnston, Venerina
3-Jan-2020Applicability of the user engagement scale to mobile health : a survey-based quantitative studyHoldener, Marianne; Gut, Alain; Angerer, Alfred
2020An investigation into the association of the physical fitness of equestrians and their riding performance : a cross-sectional studyAegerter, Andrea; Latif, Selma; Weishaupt, Michael; Gubler, Barbara; Rast, Fabian; Klose, Andreas; Pauli, Carole; Meichtry, André; Bauer, Christoph
Dec-2019Development of a sexual quality of life scale for the postpartum period and assessment of its psychometric propertiesGrylka, Susanne; Fallahi, Arezoo; Rahmani, Azam
Oct-2019Clinical assessment of cervical movement sense in those with neck pain compared to asymptomatic individualsErnst, Markus; Williams, Lauren; Werner, Isabelle; Crawford, Rebecca; Treleaven, Julia
Aug-2019The effects of trans-theoretical model and fear of dental care on dental cleaning behavior among studentsAllahqoli, Leila; Nithyanantham, Vinnaras; Rahmani, Azam; Fallahi, Arezoo; Fathi, Arzieh; Azadi, Nammam Ali; Pashaei, Tahereh; Volken, Thomas
11-May-2019Biomechanical effect of a soft biomimetic exoskeleton developed to improve gait after strokeBauer, Christoph; Pauli, Carole; Wirz, Markus; Graf, Eveline
May-2019Assessing usability of a prototype soft exoskeleton by involving people with gait impairmentsGraf, Eveline; Bauer, Christoph; Schülein, Samuel; de Eyto, Adam; Power, Valerie; Bottenberg, Eliza; Weyermann, Bianca; O'Sullivan, Leonard; Wirz, Markus
May-2019Development of an assistive soft exoskeleton : a multistakeholder endeavourWirz, Markus; Bauer, Christoph; Pauli, Carole; Graf, Eveline
2019The impact of workplace ergonomics and neck-specific exercise versus ergonomics and health promotion interventions on office worker productivity : a cluster-randomized trialPereira, Michelle; Comans, Tracy; Sjøgaard, Gisela; Straker, Leon; Melloh, Markus; O’Leary, Shaun; Chen, Xiaoqi; Johnston, Venerina
2019Comparative joint position error in patients with non-specific neck disorders and asymptomatic age-matched individualsQuartey, Jonathan; Ernst, Markus; Bello, Ajediran; Oppong-Yeboah, Bertha; Bonney, Emmanuel; Acquaah, Kow; Asomaning, Felix; Foli, Margaret; Asante, Sandra; Schaemann, Astrid; Bauer, Christoph
2019Parental digital health information seeking behavior in Switzerland: a cross-sectional studyJaks, Rebecca; Baumann, Isabel; Juvalta, Sibylle; Dratva, Julia
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