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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Oct-2019Clinical assessment of cervical movement sense in those with neck pain compared to asymptomatic individualsErnst, Markus; Williams, Lauren; Werner, Isabelle; Crawford, Rebecca; Treleaven, Julia
Oct-2019Statistikbericht der frei praktizierenden Hebammen der Schweiz 2018Grylka, Susanne; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
Sep-2019Concurrent validity and reliability of a mobile tracking technology to measure angular and linear movements of the neckSommer, Bettina B.; Weisenhorn, Martin; Ernst, Markus J.; Meichtry, André; Rast, Fabian M.; Kleger, Dominik; Schmid, Philipp; Lünenburger, Lars; Bauer, Christoph M.
Aug-2019The effects of trans-theoretical model and fear of dental care on dental cleaning behavior among studentsAllahqoli, Leila; Nithyanantham, Vinnaras; Rahmani, Azam; Fallahi, Arezoo; Fathi, Arzieh; Azadi, Nammam Ali; Pashaei, Tahereh; Volken, Thomas
5-Jul-2019Das dynamische Modell der Angehörigenpflege und -betreuungScheidegger, Alexander; Müller, Martin; Arrer, Eleonore; Fringer, André
Jul-2019Bedeutung von Offenheit und Gleichberechtigung in einem PalliativteamDomeisen Benedetti, Franzisca
26-Jun-2019Disability pension receipt in young adults : an analysis of the Swiss social protection and labour market (SESAM) dataAltwicker-Hámori, Szilvia; Dratva, Julia
21-Jun-2019Efficacy of six months neuromuscular exercise on lumbar movement variability : a randomized controlled trialBauer, C.M.; Kankaanpää, M.J.; Meichtry, A.; Rissanen, S.M.; Suni, J.H.
23-May-2019Evaluation der telefonischen Nachgespräche mit WöchnerinnenGrylka, Susanne; Aeberli, Regula; Günthard, Barbara; Meier Käppeli, Barbara Katharina; Leutenegger, Vanessa; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
May-2019Assessing usability of a prototype soft exoskeleton by involving people with gait impairmentsGraf, Eveline; Bauer, Christoph; Schülein, Samuel; de Eyto, Adam; Power, Valerie; Bottenberg, Eliza; Weyermann, Bianca; O'Sullivan, Leonard; Wirz, Markus
26-Feb-2019Design and evaluation of a soft assistive lower limb exoskeletonDi Natali, Christian; Poliero, Tommaso; Sposito, Matteo; Graf, Eveline; Bauer, Christoph; Pauli, Carole; Bottenberg, Eliza; De Eyto, Adam; O’Sullivan, Leonard; Hidalgo, Andrés F.; Scherly, Daniel; Stadler, Konrad S.; Caldwell, Darwin G.; Ortiz, Jesús
2019Development of a questionnaire to determine incidence and attitudes to “voluntary stopping of eating and drinking”Stängle, Sabrina; Schnepp, Wilfried; Mezger, Mirjam; Büche, Daniel; Fringer, André
2019Health effects of micronutrient fortified dairy products and cereal food for children and adolescents : a systematic reviewEichler, Klaus; Hess, Sascha; Twerenbold, Claudia; Sabatier, Magalie; Meier, Flurina; Wieser, Simon
2019Kenneth Gergen’s concept of multi-being : an application to the nurse–patient relationshipHechinger, Mareike; Mayer, Hanna; Fringer, André
2019Influence of functional rider and horse asymmetries on saddle force distribution during stance and in sitting trotGunst, Silja; Dittmann, Marie T.; Arpagaus, Samuel; Roepstorff, Christoffer; Latif, Selma N.; Klaassen, Bart; Pauli, Carole A.; Bauer, Christoph M.; Weishaupt, Michael A.
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