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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
May-2010Occupational therapy with families from different cultural background living in Switzerland : experiences with the pediatric evaluation disability inventory (PEDI)Schulze, Christina; Page, Julie
May-2010Goal-phrasing in occupational therapy : an analysis to discover and promote professional identity in SwitzerlandRoos, Kim Caroline; Page, Julie; Heigl, Franziska; Drecq, Emmanuelle; Galli Hudec, Claudia; Kuster, Erica; Margot, Isabel; Meyer, Sylvie
May-2010Occupational reconstruction of persons in mental health care in a clinical setting : a qualitative exploration of perceptions of performingRoos, Kim Caroline; Page, Julie; Kinébanian, Astrid
6-Apr-2010Principles of occupational therapy in burned childrenKrieger, Beate; Meuli, Martin
Mar-2010Occupational performance and awareness of disability in mild cognitive impairment or dementiaÖhman, Annika; Nygård, Louise; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
Mar-2010Impact on Participation and Autonomy (IPA) : psychometric evaluation of the Persian version to use for persons with strokeFallahpour, Mandana; Jonsson, Hans; Joghataei, Mohammad Taghi; Kottorp, Anders
Mar-2010Betätigung selbst einschätzen lassenKöller Looser, Bianca; Roos, Kim Caroline
Feb-2010Assessment of Awareness of Disability measures among persons with acquired brain injuryAnderson, Rhona L.; Doble, Susan E.; Merritt, Brenda K.; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
2010Physio- und ErgotherapieNiedermann Schneider, Karin
2010Der Europäische Ergotherapie-Master in NeuauflageSenn, Daniela; Mentrup, Christiane
2010Ability to manage everyday technology : a comparison of persons with dementia or mild cognitive impairment and older adults without cognitive impairmentMalinowsky, C.; Almkvist, O.; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz; Nygård, L.
2010Psychometric evaluation of an assessment of awareness using two different Rasch modelsKottorp, Anders; Petersson, Ingela
2010Lösung 6.1 : Herr Laupichler, Erwachsener mit bipolarer affektiver StörungBecker, Heidrun Karin; Konrad, Albrecht
2010Aufgabe 3.1 : Herr Laupichler, Erwachsener mit bipolarer affektiver StörungBecker, Heidrun Karin; Konrad, Albrecht
2010Das Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) und dessen Einsatz in der Neurologie und anderen Fachbereichen der ErgotherapieGantschnig, Brigitte Elisabeth
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