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29-Jun-2019Three-week inpatient energy management education (IEME) for persons with multiple sclerosis-related fatigue : feasibility of a randomized clinical trialHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Michel, Gisela; Kesselring, Jürg; Della Bella, Sara; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
2019Zum Alltag gehören auch Tramfahren, Spaziergänge und VolleyballKrieger, Beate
2019Prendre le tram ou se promener font aussi partie de la vie quotidienneKrieger, Beate
1-Jan-2019Fatigue aktiv entgegenwirken : Energiemanagement-Schulung (EMS) bei Multipler SkleroseWeise, Andrea; Hersche, Ruth
2019Development and preliminary evaluation of a 3-week Inpatient Energy Management Education (IEME) program for people with multiple sclerosis-related fatigueHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Michel, Gisela; Kesselring, Jürg; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
30-Dec-2018Achtsamkeitstraining in der ergotherapeutischen Behandlung bei Menschen nach Schlaganfall und ihren Angehörigen (Achtsamkeit bei Schlaganfall)Neumann, Silke; Gantschnig, Brigitte Elisabeth
Sep-2018Sviluppo e implementazione di un intervento educativo di gruppo per persone con Sclerosi Multipla e correlata fatigueHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea
29-Aug-2018Supporting and hindering environments for participation of adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder : a scoping reviewKrieger, Beate; Piškur, Barbara; Schulze, Christina; Jakobs, Uta; Beurskens, Anna; Moser, Albine
May-2018Inpatient energy management education (IEME) for persons with MS-related fatigueHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
2018Synergies between OT research & OT practiceWeise, Andrea
2018Inpatient energy-management education (IEME) in groups : a feasibility studyWeise, Andrea; Kool, Jan; Barbero, Marco; Michel, Gisela; Hersche, Ruth
2018Technology use to improve everyday occupations in older persons with mild dementia or mild cognitive impairment : a scoping reviewPatomella, Ann-Helen; Lovarini, Meryl; Lindqvist, Eva; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz; Nygård, Louise
2018Energiemanagement-Schulung im stationären Setting für Menschen mit MS-bedingter FatigueHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea
31-Oct-2017Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) : Anwendung in der Psychiatrie und NeurologieGantschnig, Brigitte; Heigl, Franziska
2017From therapeutic approaches towards an integrated theory of body-related learning in rehabilitation of children and adults with neurological disordersBecker, Heidrun Karin
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