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21-Dec-2017Timing of interventions and events associated with labour duration and mode of birth in women with planned vaginal births after caesarean sectionGross, Mechthild Maria; Krause, Gérard; Grosshennig, Anika; Clarke, Mike; Grylka, Susanne
Dec-2017COPing with and CAring for Infant with special Needs (COPCA)Akhbari Ziegler, Schirin
Dec-2017Change in fatty infiltration of lumbar multifidus, erector spinae, and psoas muscles in asymptomatic adults of Asian or Caucasian ethnicitiesCrawford, Rebecca; Elliott, James Matthew; Volken, Thomas
30-Nov-2017Schulkinder besuchen die Hebammen : ein Präventionsprojekt im BSc HebammeAlbert, Katherina; Grieder, Sandra; Hailer-Bischoff, Therese
28-Nov-2017Towards a national child and adolescent health strategy in Switzerland : strengthening surveillance to improve prevention and careDratva, Julia; Stronski, Susanne; Chiolero, Arnaud
4-Nov-2017Tätigkeitserfassung der frei praktizierenden Hebammen der Schweiz : Bericht zur Erhebung 2016Erdin Springer, Rebekka; Grylka, Susanne; Schmid, Monika; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
Nov-2017Die gesellschaftliche Seite des Phänomens AD(H)SRobin, Dominik; Schaffert, René
27-Oct-2017Assessing the Value of Prehabilitation in Patients Undergoing Colorectal Surgery According to the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Pathway for the Improvement of Postoperative Outcomes: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled TrialMerki-Künzli, Cornelia; Kerstan-Huber, Marta; Switalla, Denise; Gisi, David; Raptis, Dimitri Aristotle; Greco, Nicola; Mungo, Giuseppe; Wirz, Markus; Gloor, Severin; Misirlic, Merima; Breitenstein, Stefan; Tschuor, Christoph
Oct-2017Die Rolle der Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) in FinnlandGutierrez, Anita; Händler-Schuster, Daniela; Mahrer Imhof, Romy
14-Sep-2017Implementation in nursing and midwifery. A scoping reviewLoytved, Christine Anna Lieselotte; Hasenberg, Gabriele; Brendel-Hofmann, Karin; Bothe-Moser, Cornelia; Eggenschwiler, Ruth Esther; Eigenmann, Denise Theres; Graf Heule, Petra; Hammer, Kristin; Hauser, Regula; Oberndörfer, Katrin; Pfister-Stoppa, Anja; Spiegel-Hefel, Elisabeth; Stiefel, Andrea
Aug-2017The oswestry disability index, confirmatory factor analysis in a sample of 35,263 verifies a one-factor structure but practicality issues remainGabel, Charles P.; Cuesta-Vargas, Antonio; Qian, Meihua; Vengust, Rok; Berlemann, Ulrich; Aghayev, Emin; Melloh, Markus
31-Jul-2017Older adults must hurry at pedestrian lights! : a cross-sectional analysis of preferred and fast walking speed under single- and dual-task conditionsEggenberger, Patrick; Tomovic, Sara; Münzer, Thomas; de Bruin, Eling D.
6-Jul-2017Patients with severe diabetic hypoglycaemia in Swiss emergency care servicesKeller-Senn, Anita; Lee, Gerry; Imhof, Lorenz; Sturt, Jackie
Jul-2017An investigation of self-reported health-related productivity loss in office workers and associations with individual and work-related factors using an employer's perspectivePereira, Michelle Jessica; Johnston, Venerina; Straker, Leon Melville; Sjøgaard, Gisela; Melloh, Markus; O’Leary, Shaun Patrick; Comans, Tracy Anne
8-Jun-2017Psychometric limitations of the 13-item Sense of Coherence Scale assessed by Rasch analysisLerdal, Anners; Opheim, Randi; Gay, Caryl L.; Moum, Bjørn; Fagermoen, May Solveig; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
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