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17-Dec-2015Wie versorgen ausserklinisch tätige Hebammen Dammrisse ersten und zweiten Grades?Kvasnicka, Sylvia; Loytved, Christine; König-Bachmann, Martina
30-Nov-2015Improving the organisation of maternal health service delivery and optimising childbirth by increasing vaginal birth after caesarean section through enhanced women-centred care (OptiBIRTH trial) : study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (ISRCTN10612254)Clarke, Mike; Savage, Gerard; Smith, Valerie; Daly, Deirdre; Devane, Declan; Gross, Mechthild Maria; Grylka, Susanne; Healy, Patricia; Morano, Sandra; Nicoletti, Jane; Begley, Cecily
16-Nov-2015Got milk? Breastfeeding and milk analysis of a mother on chronic hemodialysisBalzer, Michael S.; Gross, Mechthild Maria; Lichtinghagen, Ralf; Haller, Hermann; Schmitt, Roland
12-Nov-2015Development of the knee osteoarthritis patient education questionnaire : a new measure for evaluating preoperative patient education programmes for patients undergoing total knee replacementHuber, Erika O.; Bastiaenen, Caroline H.; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A.; Meichtry, André; de Bie, Rob A.
2-Nov-2015Assessing the performance of maternity care in Europe : a critical exploration of tools and indicatorsEscuriet, Ramón; White, Joanna; Beeckman, Katrien; Frith, Lucy; Leon-Larios, Fatima; Loytved, Christine; Luyben, Ans; Sinclair, Marlene; van Teijlingen, Edwin
10-Sep-2015Simulation im formativen Leistungsnachweis : eine effektive Methode zur KompetenzförderungHoffmann-Gessner, Katja; Meili-Hauser, Cynthia
May-2015Dose-response relationship of locomotor training in patients with spinal cord injury : preliminary resultsWirz, Markus; Dietz, Volker; Esclarin, Ana; Benito, Jesus; Mach, Orpheus; Schneider, Sandra; Bastiaenen, Carolien; de Bie, Rob
Apr-2015What is the best time point to identify patients at risk of developing persistent low back pain?Melloh, Markus; Elfering, Achim; Käser, Anja; Rolli Salathé, Cornelia; Crawford, Rebbeca J.; Barz, Thomas; Zweig, Thomas; Aghayev, Emin; Röder, Christoph; Theis, Jean-Claude
2015Extension and flexion in the upper cervical spine in neck pain patientsErnst, Markus J.; Crawford, Rebecca J.; Schelldorfer, Sarah; Rausch Osthoff, Anne-Kathrin; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan; Bauer, Christoph M.
2015Interinstitutional variations in mode of birth after a previous caesarean section : a cross-sectional study in six German hospitalsGross, Mechthild Maria; Matterne, Andrea; Berlage, Silvia; Kaiser, Annette; Lack, Nicholas; Macher-Heidrich, Susanne; Misselwitz, Björn; Bahlmann, Franz; Falbrede, Jörg; Hillemanns, Peter; von Kaisenberg, Constantin; von Koch, Franz Edler; Schild, Ralf L.; Stepan, Holger; Devane, Declan; Mikolajczyk, Rafael
2015Pain intensity attenuates movement control of the lumbar spine in low back painBauer, Christoph; Rast, Fabian; Ernst, Markus; Oetiker, Sarah; Meichtry, André; Kool, Jan; Rissanen, Saara M.; Suni, Jaana H.; Kankaanpää, Markku
2015Effect of preoperative neuromuscualr training (NEMEX-TJR) on functional outcome after total knee replacement : an assessor-blinded randomized controlled trialHuber, Erika O.; Roos, Ewa M.; Meichtry, André; de Bie, Rob A.; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A.
2015Effects of mobility-enhancing nursing intervention in patients with MS and stroke : randomised controlled trialImhof, Lorenz; Suter-Riederer, Susanne; Kesselring, Jürg
2015Concurrent validity and reliability of a novel wireless inertial measurement system to assess trunk movementBauer, Christoph; Rast, Fabian; Ernst, Markus; Kool, Jan; Oetiker, Sarah; Rissanen, Saara; Suni, Jaana; Kankaanpää, Markku
2015Pathways to strengthening midwifery in EuropeRenfrew, Mary J.; Burns, Ethel; Gross, Mechthild Maria; Symon, Andrew
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