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29-Sep-2022Freiwilliger Verzicht auf Nahrung und Flüssigkeit : zur Befragung von Hausärzten, ambulanten Pflegekräften und Langzeitpflegenden in der SchweizStängle, Sabrina
6-Sep-2022Erkennung von Schmerzen und weiteren Bedürfnissen bei Menschen mit einer Demenz : sind bekannte Assessment-Methoden robust genug dafür?de Wolf-Linder, Susanne
1-Sep-2022APN Kompetenz- und Rollenentwicklung : wie geht es weiter?Braun, Astrid; Fringer, André
25-Aug-2022Person-centred outcome guided palliative care for people with dementia : SENIORS-D research protocolde Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Kramer, Iris; Bruschini, Milena; Ramsenthaler, Christina; Murtagh, F.E.M., et al
20-Jul-2022Are nurse's needs assessment methods robust enough to recognise palliative care needs in people with dementia? : a scoping reviewde Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Reisinger, Margarete; Gohles, Elisabeth; Wolverson, Emma L; Schubert, Maria, et al
14-Jun-2022APN competence and role development during education and after graduationBraun, Astrid; Fringer, André
4-Jun-2022The influence of nurse characteristics on practice skills and attitudes towards working with families in critical care : a regression analysisZwicky, Anja; Thaqi, Qendresa; Hediger, Hannele; Naef, Rahel
2-Jun-2022Enabling and hindering factors to cope at home environment after slow-stream-rehabilitation : insights from the qualitative study partZigan, Nicole
24-May-2022Discussion or silent accompaniment : a grounded theory study about voluntary stopping of eating and drinking in SwitzerlandStängle, Sabrina; Fringer, André
20-May-2022TraINErs : training intercultural nursing educators and studentsSchärli-Lim, Susan
18-May-2022Separated by a common language : cognitive interview study on the Integrated Palliative Care Outcome Scale for People with Dementia (IPOS-Dem) in the acute care- and district nurse-/community home care settingde Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Kramer, Iris; Ellis-Smith, Clare; Hodiamont, Farina; Reisinger, Margarete, et al
14-May-2022Tools to aid analysis & reflection, and a profile to guide intercultural mentorsSchärli-Lim, Susan
6-May-2022Rehabilitative Übergangspflege : Konsequenz für die Praxis?Kramer, Iris; Köhn, Florian
5-May-2022Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) for a new health care market 2021-25Braun, Astrid; Fringer, André
18-Mar-2022Derivation and validation of a prediction model to establish nursing-sensitive quality benchmarks in medical inpatients : a secondary data analysis of a prospective cohort studyKoch, Daniel; Kutz, Alexander; Volken, Thomas; Gregoriano, Claudia; Conca, Antoinette, et al
Results 1-15 of 483 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).