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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jan-2019Inpatient energy management education (IEME) for persons with MS–related fatigue : a feasibility studyHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
2019Feasibility and preliminary results of a short inpatient energy-management education for person with MS-fatigueHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Della Bella, S.; Michel, Gisela; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
May-2018Inpatient energy management education (IEME) for persons with MS-related fatigueHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
2018Inpatient energy-management education (IEME) in groups : a feasibility studyWeise, Andrea; Kool, Jan; Barbero, Marco; Michel, Gisela; Hersche, Ruth
Oct-2017Menschen mit MS-bedingter Fatigue : Entwicklung und Evaluation einer Energiemanagement-Schulung (EMS) bei Menschen mit MS-bedingter Fatigue. Ein ForschungsprojektHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
2017Formation au management de l’énergie chez des patients hospitalisés atteints de fatigue générée par la sclérose en plaquesHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Kool, Jan; Barbero, Marco
2017Three-week inpatient energy management education (IEME) for persons with multiple sclerosis related fatigue : a research projectHersche, Ruth; Weise, Andrea; Kesselring, Jürg; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
23-Dec-2016Immediate effects of cervical unilateral anterior-posterior mobilisation on shoulder pain and impairment in post-operative arthroscopy patientsHauswirth, Jürg; Ernst, Markus; Lanz Preusser, Marianne; Meichtry, André; Kool, Jan; Crawford, Rebecca
May-2016Physiological motion axis for the seat of a dynamic office chairKuster, Roman; Bauer, Christoph; Oetiker, Sarah; Kool, Jan
21-Mar-2016Between-day reliability of three-dimensional motion analysis of the trunk : a comparison of marker based protocolsRast, Fabian; Graf, Eveline; Meichtry, André; Kool, Jan; Bauer, Christoph
2016A tailored exercise program versus general exercise for a subgroup of patients with low back pain and movement control impairment : short-term results of a randomised controlled trialSaner, Jeannette; Sieben, Judith M.; Kool, Jan; Luomajoki, Hannu; Bastiaenen, Caroline H.G.; de Bie, Rob A.
2016Short-term effect on pain and function of neurophysiological education and sensorimotor retraining compared to usual physiotherapy in patients with chronic or recurrent non-specific low back pain : a pilot randomized controlled trialWälti, Philipp; Kool, Jan; Luomajoki, Hannu
2016Development and validation of a pain behavior assessment in patients with chronic low back painMeyer, Katharina; Klipstein, Andreas; Oesch, Peter; Jansen, Beatrice; Kool, Jan; Niedermann Schneider, Karin
2016Physiotherapy research priorities in Switzerland : views of the various stakeholdersNast, Irina; Tal, Amir; Schmidt, Stefan; Schoeb, Veronika; Rau, Barbara; Barbero, Marco; Kool, Jan
2016Response to letter to the editor : reliability of lumbar movement dysfunction tests for chronic low back pain patients; methodological concerns to avoid misinterpretationRast, Fabian; Meichtry, André; Ernst, Markus Josef; Heimgartner, Martin; Oetiker, Sarah; Kool, Jan; Bauer, Christoph
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